Earth side welcomes | Sacred | Intimate | Strength | Celebration of life

For the mothers, the fathers, the sweet babies, the extraordinary magic of life and humanity

An incredibly intimate and magnificent experience together, as we welcome your sweet bebe into the world, revel in the magic of human existence and celebrate the birth of you into parenthood.
Our time together will be deeply sacred and meaningful. And as you experience this moment yourself, you will be showered in unconditional support, encouragement, love and gentle energy.
Afterwards, you will be able to reflect on the precious moment you greeted your newest addition into the world, creating the visual memory to the physical and emotional memory that is etched into your heart forever.

-Packages starting from $1800 -

Package pricing is inclusive of being on call from 37 weeks (or depending on your individual progress), along with the hours we share together as you’re in your process of birthing your babe.
I lovingly tailor experiences and packages to suit your unique desires.
If birth photography doesn’t align for you, we can organise welcome sessions in hospital or at home.
I would love to connect with you and guide you in creating a meaningful photographic journey.

You can drop me a note here!