Family Love | Britt, Jordan and Baby River

I recently had the joy of travelling to Melbourne for a weekend of work and play. During my time in my second favourite Australian city, I was blessed to document these sweet and loving frames of this family of three - Britt, Jordan and little bebe River - who was celebrating her first birthday!

We ventured 15 minutes from their house in Geelong, to this beautifully lush and rustic property. We spent about an hour basking in the sunshine and cool air - chatting, laughing and playing - oh, and we took some snaps along the way. And here is what we captured… heart is bursting!

Side note on editing for my fellow creatives or creative geeks…
And a side note on the side note, I am seriously vibing experimenting more with my editing, but in a visually cohesive and thoughtful. And I’m totally loving explaining more of the creative process to my clients so they can get a feel and understand the detail and energy that I’ve channelled into their gallery. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been experimenting for the last couple of years, leaning often to a similar look, however, I believe there is SO much diversity in photos, even in the same genre. For instance, I work with a lot of families but the energy in each shoot is always different, it is unique to that family and the souls that are present. I feel my work has always captured the echo of the souls I work with, so now I’m incorporating their energy ever so subtly into the final edits - all while maintaining a foundation of light correction and style.

So, back to the editing notes on this gallery…
A foundation for my work is (most of the time) keeping the blacks nice and blaaack, mmm that richness! Another foundation that I use (most of the time, dependant on lighting/composition) is muting the whites, but pumping the highlights to maintain the depth in the image, and not washing it out or flattening the image, all while creating a softness in the contrast of brightness.
A lot of my work will involve deepening, desaturating and muting the greens and yellows. However, in these images lil’ River is wearing a gorgeous yellow dress that I didn’t want to crazily desaturate. So, to counteract some of the less appealing yellow midtones, I used cooler tones (blues and greens) in the shadows. In the white balance, I kept it on the warmer side of cool, introducing some added warmth by adding a soft green tint (which also takes away pinkness in skin tones).
With some of the green and blue shadowing, I started to accentuate it in some of the images to give the photos a subtle film feel, bringing some vintage edge to them - a vibe that I feel matches both the energy and the soul of this family.
In a few of the distance shots, I created the warmth with a dramatic red shadow and blue highlights, again, playing into a retro/film feel.
Overall, I flexed a couple of different editing styles which helped to create a pop of personality and accentuated the storytelling, while maintaining a very similar foundation across the gallery which has helped maintain the cohesiveness and connectedness.


Love, giggles and sparkles,