EVENTS: [RECAP]: The Collab Excursion!

This bad boi is about a 6-7 minute read!

So my last post was the launch of a new segment of my blog, all 'bout EVENTS happening in Brisbane!
I've found it hella empowering and integral to my biz (and inspiration/sanity levels) to attend local events to connect with other peeps who are out there chasin' their dreams. 
The power of connection = my drug of choice. 

In the last post, I shared about an upcoming event I was playing a small part in... 


Now, I feel it's only fitting to share the juicy details of the events I feature and attend.
Because, lyk duh!
And perhaps it'll put your event-anxiety to rest and encourage you to step outta that comfort zone and attend an event near you!


So, it was a chilly and crisp Sunday morning. I woke up to the fresh air tingling my skin, feeling invigorated by the sun as she was rising in the blue sky, accompanied by some old skool R'n'B tunes. What else do you do when you're driving somewhere?!

I felt the anticipation pump through my veins, although, I didn't really have any expectations. 
I already knew it was going to be an epic day, but in hindsight, I think the anticipation I was feeling was a sign that this day would gift me a lil' somethin' extra. 

I arrived at our home for the day, which was at the inspiring space of The Productive GC. A gorgeous co-working space. I'm talking - minimalist approach, featuring lush greenery and inspiring quotes. 

As I greeted the gorgeous babes in the carpark, I could sense the energy. It wasn't gigantically overwhelming, but it was gaining momentum (soon to fiercely erupt). 




We kickstarted our day with an introduction and a sweet speech from Jess who is the co-founder and party kween of The Commune Space. This babe put in some serious WERK, and boy-oh-boy did we witness her magical-party-touch. Seriously, if you need a party or an event lovingly curated with an eco-friendly mind, then you need these legends!

Meet Jess, a beautiful bubble of infectious energy! 

Meet Jess, a beautiful bubble of infectious energy! 



We then got into some action-packed business inspiration with Christine from Periscope Coaching. Christine is a total powerhouse! She is a business and life strategy coach, along with hosting her own podcast and workshops. This wonder woman took us through key steps to finding and creating alignment in our business. We talked all things vision, client profiles and purpose. I found it particularly helpful to understand where I was at in my business, and where I can create more clarity and alignment in what I do and what I WANT to be doing. 

Christine, doin' her thang!

Christine, doin' her thang!



It was then time to refuel with coffee, tea and mouthwatering deliciousness from Botanica. Holy YASSS this blessing. Oh, and there was scrumptious lunch provided by these feast gods too! 



After a chance to indulge and to soak in the powerful information from our first session, we had Kirsten take us through our 6-month vision. Kirsten is an uplifting, enlightening and radiant soul, on a mission to serve and empower all those she connects with. 
And she did just that in this session... We discussed our 'One Thing', with the idea of really channelling our energy to focus on, well - erm, our ONE THING! In a life of hustle and to-do lists that are similar to a bag of Allen's party mix lollies - we can easily get distracted from what's really important to us. You know, that overarching life/biz goal you can't stop thinking about before you go to sleep, IE gettin' to dat banana lolly and skipping the lemon/lime flavours.
This really aligned with where I'm at lately, I'm well and truly in the grit of establishing The Soul Echo as 1000% sex appeal level - by that, I mean establishing systems, processes and further automation to make what I do sexy AF from every angle. 

Kirsten, shining bright...

Kirsten, shining bright...



As we were working through this activity, and sharing our own experiences and thoughts. I suddenly found myself at the centre of an epic life/biz/mind shifting conversation. Basically being coached by the eight women in the room. #damngirls

Put it this way; I beautifully had my ass kicked. 

Post-UK trip, I've been stuck on the phrase "I'm not just a photographer".
I know there's more to me (and The Soul Echo) than passionately capturing photographic memories. But, in the weeks since this thought, I've been a lil' stuck you could say. 
In a session, I had with my coach, Michael (who is an epic coach, and I'm lucky enough to call my uncle too). I realised that where I'm at in my career (aka lyf because the two are so deeply intertwined). I feel as though I'm a Venn diagram. (see image below).

I've started working on my big AF goals, along with some passion projects to try and figure out what the HELL this other half is... What's it called? What's it look like? How do I get there?

As I was explaining this very candidly to the group, almost uncertain if I should be so honest - because I see myself as the 'helper' in life, independently determined to figure out my shiz on my lonesome. 
The group probed further: "So, what is it that you WANT to be?" 
My split-second reaction to this in my head was "umm, guys, I said I don't know..."
So naturally, I said in response: "I don't know...?!"
Yeah, that answer didn't cut it, because I received the age-old (highly infuriating AND thought-provoking once you let it settle in)
Enraged for a millisecond, knowing full well that the shield of uncertainty had just been ripped away and I felt as though I was butt-naked, stripped bare and nervous as hell. 
I paused, I looked around hoping something would save me or answer for me because surely I didn't know?!
I was then called to JUST SAY IT. 

Me to the group: "Well, I guess, ugh... All I want to be is a boss b*tch empowerment kween, I suppose". *afterthought: I don't actually mean the word bitch, it rolled of the tongue - my brains quick thinking substitute for fierce. "Fierce boss empowerment kween"
Me to me in the resounding silence: "What the actual FUCK have I just said, where the FUCK did that come from? FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK, that such a bold thing to say, they'll think I'm NUTS - maybe I am nuts?!"
The group (almost collectively at the same time): *looking absolutely cool, in fact, a subtle smile affirming YES*... "YOU ARE ALREADY THAT!!!"
Me: *dumbfounded that I spoke those words, and THAT was how it was received, I honestly expected someone to call me out as an imposter (which is a daily thought), and quietly say to me that I could never be those things*

The group then officially titled me "The Soul Echoist". And you know what, imma feelin' it. 

This whole time that I've been wondering about this 'other half' of me... 

Realising that everything I do already aligns with that... 
But above all of the amazing newsflashes that were bursting in my brain, I finally felt the confidence to OWN IT!
Acceptance of myself, my vision...
A chance to allow myself to outwardly embrace these words as defining qualities of what I'm about (with an overarching theme of modesty, of course). 
I also, for the first time, allowed myself to be showered with loving words of support and encouragement like actually feel every damn syllable that was lovingly shared with me.
I'm very quick to dismiss any form of complimentary gesture, but in this moment, instead of deflecting, I decided to listen. Letting the powerful words land with me and letting them fuel my passion. 
Psst, there are some exciting tangible products and services coming from this breakthrough. 

On a hilarious note, one of the lovely ladies who I hadn't met until this day, later on asked me what my business was called. I chimed the words "The Soul Echo", and she automatically (with shock) said "What the fuck?! You're already doing it?!".

Blissing out

Blissing out


The life-altering chats continued throughout the afternoon, as we each had moments to candidly and authentically share where we're at and what we're feeling. 
It's incredible what magic can flourish when you bring women (and I believe men too, not present in this case), into a room. Creating space to connect, learn, listen, support and empower. Seriously, it's really f*cking wild! It has reaffirmed my desire to continue bringing peeps together!


The afternoon continued, and I had my chance to hang with the women one on one as we snapped some new headshots. We talked more about our lives, our businesses, and funnily enough, in each mini-session, the topic of self-love appeared. We discussed relationships and beliefs we hold with ourselves, and how that makes us feel. It was both heartbreaking and heart expanding because I had witnessed these women passionately speak about all that they do - yet - there were moments of self-doubt as they radiantly stood in front of me. 


If only we could see ourselves for how others see us?! This really hit me, because these women are legit incredible... It further fuelled my fire to serve women with the power of photography, to *hopefully* create a shift in the way they see and feel about themselves (more on this soon). 


We then finished our inspired day with a beach clean up, as a way to pay it forward to mama earth and show her some lovin'. We shared an awakening and resonating visualisation, as we sat cuddled on the beach sipping wine from our keep cups. #thisishowwedo

The Collab Excursion (114 of 169).jpg


This would not have been at all possible if it weren't for the combined superwomen efforts of Jess, Christine and Kirsten. My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for the presence you have in my life. 

To all the beautiful women I connected with on the day, I have so much love and respect for you. Thank you for wisely calling me out on my BS, and inspiring me to continue chasing dem dreams. 


To you, reading this... You should absolutely tear that fear band-aid off and scoot your booty to an event happening near you! I also have an exciting event in the works, which I plan on sharing with you soon! 

From my heart to yours, know that...
You ARE capable of doing, being and creating all that you dream of.