EVENTS: The Collab Excursion

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Hello, my beautiful tribe,

Let's chat EVENTS!
Some may cringe at the thought of an event, or worse, a networking event!

If I can drop some truth bombs on ya for a minute, said events have been some of the most powerful times of connection and inspiration for both me and my biz. 

They have gifted me the opportunity to candidly talk about The Soul Echo, share parts of myself and open myself and my lil' heart to the wonders of new friendships, fuelling the tribe of incredible humans I'm grateful to know! And sometimes, beyond the human to human connection (which is v. important when you're a boss babe at home a lot), I've discovered new business opportunities or collaborations. BOOM, double win!

INTRODUCING a new feature on my blog... EVENTS! I want to start spreading the word about these kickass events I know about, to share the love and to give you the chance to learn more and perhaps come to one or two!
You know ya wanna... 

Fittingly, the event I'm sharing in this very first post happens to also include lil' ol' me. 

Pssst, I took all three photos (even the one of me)!

Pssst, I took all three photos (even the one of me)!

I'm teaming up with The Commune Space, Christine from Periscope Coaching and Kirsten Morrison Empowerment Coach to deliver you a Sunday Funday like no other!

Sunday, 24th June in the beautiful town of Byron bay... 


  • Connecting with other cool peeps on the same vibe, hellllllooooo tribe!
  • Resetting and refocussing on your goals for the next 6 months of the year (um, holla at me)
  • One on one coaching sessions with Christine or Kirsten
  • Two sparkly new headshots by yours truly, we'll have a cute 15 minutes together to create new images that frame your face, your story and your energy.
    Scroll down to peep what imma be creating for you!
  • We'll be ending the day by giving back to our Mama Earth, with a relaxed beach clean up
  • Along with a donation to Clean Coast Collective (bcos YAS to purpose)

You will also be very well fed throughout the day, leaving with a swag bag of goodies. Along with a metaphorical swag bag of refreshed inspiration and motivation to kickass for the remainder of the year. 

What an amazing INVESTMENT in both yourself and your biz/brand, I honestly cannot wait to be a part of this day and soak up the goodness that will encapsulate us!

You can find the tickets here: I LOVE TIX!
And you can find all the juicy info here: I WANNA KNOW MORE!
If you're interested in coming along, feel free to send me an email to
I might just have a lil' surprise for ya *coughpromocodecough*

So will I see your radiant face for a special day of connection?

I cannot wait to continue sharing these posts with upcoming events every month - more often than not with multiple events included!

If you'd like to stay up to date with the latest events, and the odd piece of news, comedy, magic, good vibes and maybe some widsom from me, I'd love to connect with you via some email lovin'.