Get Down On It!

It's not what you think. 

In this very moment I'm listening to "Get Down On It" - Kool and the Gang, which is a tune that T and I would frequently hum without ever knowing the origin of the tune. Then on our weekend getaway in SYD earlier this year, whilst casually sippin' fruity cocktails overlooking the harbour, this song came on. We locked eyes with the biggest smiles the moment we realised, carrying those sweet vibes through the rest of the nights adventures until early morn'. 

It still makes me smile, as I sit here boogying in my seat and tapping away on the keyboard. Caaauteeeeee. 

How are you? How's life in your world? Whatever you're doing, wherever you are, I hope this Sunday night fills you with excitement and contentment. 

I'm certainly feeling content and feeling SUPER excited for the week/weeks ahead. I've finally CRACKED the halfway mark of my 8 week challenge *pops one solo party popper*.

Looking back it feels like the weeks have slipped by in a heartbeat. Giving it a little extra thought, its had moments where it kinda hasn't. For the most part the hours, days and weeks have ticked by with great speed, however, it hasn't felt that breezy the entire time. I certainly haven't cruised through the 4 weeks without feeling challenged. I've had my moments, featuring days of exhaustion, mornings where I need matches to keep my eyes open, nights where I want to sleep at 6pm knowing I've still got shit to do. I've pushed through, kept pushing and continuing to grow stronger through these testing moments where giving up would be waaaaay easier. At the same time it's not alllllllll bad, I've had the other extreme where I am buzzing off the richter scale with energy, wanting to make everything happen all at once. 

I've found focussing on mood-boosters or things that make you feel good have helped get me through. For me, cranking some serious 90's/00's RnB in the car and singing as loud as I can (oh god, imagine if you heard that), enjoying a hawt black cawfee of a morning, or that post workout glow and endorphin combo. Snuggling into bed after a stretching out my sore bod, spending time gettin' creative in my infrequent down time, or the simple joy when you get your shit together (when you don't feel like it) but feel like a goddamn bow$e when you're super organised. Winning. The motto here, MAKE the time to also do shit that makes you feel good. If you're not already, well chuck that bad boy on this weeks to-do list. 

Evidence of my creative moments. 

Evidence of my creative moments. 

So week 3 hey.. Week 3 was a tough one. My macros had been cut and I was still finding my rhythm and balance between early morning walks, work, HIIT/training, food preppin' and all the other miscellaneous shiz that comes up. One thing I've learnt is that there is no such thing as a 'normal' week anymore, actually, I don't think there ever has been. Letting go of that small yet unrealistic idea has helped me tackle these big ol' weeks. So while you're at it, scrap that thought too. Take it as it comes bay-bay. 

I crawled through to Wednesday of week 3, hump day was such an accurate description of that day/my mood. It was the 'Ekka show day' for us Brisbanites, aka the day off werk. Except for me, I was up and at it which was totes fine. However, my body was not impressed by this. All I wanted to do is sleeeeeeeep. I legit tried everything to pep me up; fresh air, sunshine, coffee, tea, stretching, walking around. Nada, nothing, zip, zero worked. A contributing factor to that was the sleep I was (not) getting, I'm a naughty gal and get myself wired and not wanting to wind down at a reasonable hour. This is still a work in progress and one thing that is fo' sho' on my list this week. Whilst I'm not perfect at this sleeping enough business, imma preach that rest and sleep are JUST as important as training.
Anyway, got myself together and kicked the rest of the week's ass. 

The real excitement came that Saturday when it was the end of week 3 and our weekly check in. As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm not finding out my weight for the remainder of the challenge. I am finding out my measurements, which got accidentally missed the week before.. Not this week, I had those magic little numbers in my hot little hands which had me feeling on fiyaaah. Had me feeling on fiyaaah x 100 when I realised the math I did in my head was completely incorrect, I had calculated a loss of 3cm around my waist which, you know, isn't bad. T stopped me in my tracks later that morning and politely corrected me, with a "hey babe, what do you mean only 3cm? Don't you mean 13?!" 
YES, 13cm off my WAIST alone, in 3 weeks! *runs around the house like crazy*. Which meant a total loss of 23cm from my bust, waist, thighs and arms! Whaaaaaaat the hell?! 

I was pretty dumbfounded by a) my inability to correctly calculate simple math (uh-oh) and b) by the results. Let's just say, I dived into week 4 with a little extra motivation in ma step. 

Feels: So. Damn. Tired. 
Highlight: Pushing through the exhaustion/tiredness situation, finding out my measurements. 
Challenge: Having to adult, keep doing stuff when I didn't feel like it but knowing giving up wasn't an option. 
What I learnt: Hard work, determination DOES/WILL pay off, maybe not instantaneously but eventually.. Just hang in there, use every last drop of willpower and self control and soon those results will be sweet enough to make it worth it. 

And before I know it, it's almost the end of week 4, which means the halfway mark! Which is both nerve racking and exciting, for many reasons. I'm so excited to see where I will be at the end of the 8 weeks, but kinda nervous about all that is to come between now and then. That is the exact reason why I take it a day at a time, living in the future can be a daunting place to be, so taking it day by day is waaaay more manageable. Do all that you can in this moment, minute, hour, day and cross the future challenges when they arrive. Don't sweat the small stuff and waste that precious energy getting ahead of yourself. 

Week 4 had me feeling pretty damn gewwwwd. Feeling less tired, more energised, determination and motivation was carrying me through the infrequent desires to indulge. The thought that I had almost gone 4 weeks without bad ass food or booze was incredibly powerful. And the fact that I survived my birthday early on without any indulging has also given me a little extra strength.

"If I didn't eat/drink on my birthday, then I certainly ain't doing it now"
- me, all da time when thinking about treats. 

I wonder if my birthday hadn't been so soon in the challenge, if I would still have the will power. *thinking emoji*. Maybe, yeah, I think so?!

I'm not gonna lie though, I think I've got more social commitments in these 8 weeks than I've had in the last 8 months. The universe is certainly testing me, my strength, and how badly I want it. The universe also really (like, really really) tested me when I had spent a solid day working on a PowerPoint presentation for an event that night and the computer crashed and I lost alllllllllll of my work. Yep. DW Microsoft, don't bother recovering the most crucial piece of work ever, but ask me 63 times to save all of the irrelevant word docs where I've written non-sense. Cool. The rage was SO real. #monstermode. Hahaha. I was not laughing at the time. Well I kinda did, but simultaneously wanted to burst into tears/flames. 

Again, said a big fat NO to dranks that Friday night despite PowerPoint delivering its best shot at crushing my soul. Yep, that's right MF, not even YOU got me to drink. BOOOOOM, mic drop. #superselfcontrol. 

Overall week 4 was pretty damn busy in many ways which meant I did my absolute best with my training and resting. Making sure I was still pushing my limits coupled with taking a breath at the same time. I didn't really feel like there had been many (if any) changes in my bod. But I was cool wif dat. 

Check in rolled around. Again, got my measurements bright and early Saturday morning before going for a quick walk and a HIIT sesh. To my absolute disbelief the measurements came through with da goods. I lost 4cm off my waist and 3.5cm off my thighs. In only ONE week. Ummmm, WHAT?! Are they right? Is the tape measure broken?
Shut the front door girlfraaaan. 
Here I was thinking that my body was just chillin', but in reality it's been doing some srs shredding. Bringing me to a total of 17cm off my waist, 7cm off my thighs and 33cm in total!

That calls for one big mighty YASSSSSSSS. 

Feels: Buzzed, determined and feelin' some good vibes. 
Highlight: Not giving into drinking, even though all I want is wine. And of course, dem measurements. 
Challenge: PowerPoint. Andddd being fully sick hectic in all aspects of my world. 
What I learnt: That despite my body not feeling like it's changing, trust the damn process and let it do it's thing. Tick all the boxes, do all that you can, push push push and let the rest take care of itself. It will happen, I promise. 

Commence, week 5! Whilst I'm on the downhill to week 8, I think these next 4 weeks will be anything but downhill. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop. 

I know this is a super long one, and if you've made it this far then you deserve a drink..
of water or coffee. Hah. On a serious note, I'm glad you're here and I really hope some of the ramblings above help you, in some faint way. 

In the last couple of weeks I've been thinking about the happy gal imma be at the end of the 8 weeks. I look to the future, to that particular Saturday with excitement, because it'll be the conclusion of 8 weeks of hard work and tough love. I let myself have a small taste of that vision here and there, but try my hardest to hone that energy into the current moment I find myself daydreaming in, because it's just as important to feel good here and now. Loving the skin you're in RIGHT NOW is the best thing you can do. Sure, you might not be where you want to be and ya know, that IS okay, because you're doing/going to do something about it. I'm passionate about this, so there will be more from me on this topic. 

It's easy to get fixated on life's big shiny moments, immersing yourself momentarily in complete happiness to enjoy them, then straight onto the next. It's easy to feel a little flat when the 'next big one' may be hiding in the horizon, not yet realised. Life wouldn't be anywhere as magic if we knew what the universe has planned. However, big moments or not, we MUST not lose that same joy those moments lets us experience, because there are plenty of beautiful, tiny moments happening around us right now. I really think that's where my true happiness lies. The feeling of contentment in the mundane daily routine, and shaping those routines into rituals that work for you, that make YOU feel good, that YOU enjoy. The big stuff is just the cherry on top of all this incredible small stuff. Sure, I'm pumped to celebrate that Saturday in 3 weeks and 6 days, and I'm excited for the big moments that I may be blessed with beyond that, but I'm committing to hanging and enjoying the now. 

Here is a little something my best gal sent me tonight, which summarised those exact feels.

"I'm beginning to recognise that real happiness isn't something large and looming on the horizon ahead, but something small, numerous and already here.
The smile of someone you love.
A decent breakfast. 
The warm sunset.
Your little everyday joys all lined up in a row" 

Set yourself a challenge this week, push that little harder. It'll feel real good. 
Take time to rest, and be present in every moment. 

Enjoy it all, sweet beings.