Juliana - Goddess Portrait Session


On Sunday, I had the absolute honour and privilege of connecting with and photographing Juliana, the beautiful and radiant goddess you’ll see in the gallery below.

The backstory:
My gorgeous friend and talented MUA Kimaea from Makeup by Kimaea, got in contact a month ago - saying she was looking to set up a magical shoot for Juliana - who is a majestic soul and a stunningly gorgeous plus size Polynesian model. Interestingly enough, as the universe would have it, Juliana and I had connected the previous week and we shared some very deep and insightful IG messages.

My soul lit TF up!!! YASSS! Let’s freakin’ make this magic, baby!

Prior to this, I’ve been channelling energy into revamping how I show up in my biz and how I can further empower and support gorgeous women to connect with their souls and unleash it in front of the camera while we co-create glorious photos.

Juliana was completely open to receiving anything and everything I had to offer, which was empowering insight for me to just. go. all. there. And to claim my power in the work that I do. We shared emails with ideas, her vision, and she allowed me to hold space as I felt into her energy; how she felt about her body, her journey in life, how she would describe herself, how she wants to feel post shoot - allll of the juicy questions!
I’m so grateful, honoured and proud of her for leaning into this and for being so candid and articulate with me. It seriously does something to my soul when I have the opportunity to witness women connect with their truth, navigate their fears and understand the essence of THEM.

I was also very lucky that both Juliana and Kimaea had full trust in my vision, and the creative direction of the shoot. Thank you, gorgeous women.

The Shoot:
Was legit I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E… There really aren’t any words! We ventured to a carpark rooftop in the valley in the golden (and very hot) sunshine and then we came back to my place where we shot some epic pool images (the perfect cool down).

With my recent revamp, and feeling into what it is I want to create, I’m shifting how I show up for the women in my sessions. Thank you to Juliana for once again having full trust in me, and for 10000% going there - authentically, courageously and playfully. To kick off our session, we closed down our eyes, hands on hearts and I said a few words that I felt on my heart - gratitude, love and words of affirmation… Which gently throughout our shoot… Heart centred, soul celebrating BLISS!

Post Shoot:
I want to share this part of our story, because I think it’s pretty damn cool. I was up late editing her gallery - completely obsessed with the images, the fire burning in my heart to deliver them and share them with her. I sent through the gallery just after midnight… And this was her response…

I was in the deepest sleep and my phone is on silent. I randomly wake and I’m just staring at my dark ceiling then my phone lights up......... it’s your email! 
Honestly my heart!!!!! Every single picture had me smiling and I was so emotional swiping through! Steph the pictures are AMAZING!!!! I am filled with joy I can’t even pick a favourite! I’ve woken up my nieces and sister to show them and my sister held my hand and said “this is it Nana”  I’m speechless! I really need to gather my thoughts Sis because I’m done. IM DONE. (In the best way)!!!! 
I don’t even think I’ll be able to fall asleep anytime soon because of this! Thank you for not changing my body in any way!!!! For not softening the beautiful bumps on my thighs and arms! For allowing me to be 100% me. These pictures are beautiful, artistic, fun and real. I am so blessed to have been captured by you!!!!! You have no idea how happy I am legit! OMG OMG OMG 
Okay I’m going to try pause and really take this in. I am grateful!!! This is the start of it all and if I had a choice to re-do it, I’ll pick you and Kimaea 100 times over!!!! 
I love you!!!! All of you!!!! I’m rambling with this email but I can’t xintrol it!!!!! 
Okay I’m going to go back and stare at the pictures again! LOVE YOU SOUL SISTER! “

Thank you so much Juliana and Kimaea, I’m so grateful to have had this space with you both. I love you!

So, my beautiful friend… My intention is that you really see and feel the joy in these images but that you also see all of that magic that is already within you, you’ve just gotta give yourself permission to unleash it. And hey, if you want to share a journey like this with photography and soul expansion, I’d love to hear from you.

You can find Juliana and her magic here.
You can find Kimaea and her amazing energy and MU skills here.

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