Lost in the Galaverse

Epic + overwhelming gratitude for this wild, goddess of a woman. x 

Epic + overwhelming gratitude for this wild, goddess of a woman. x 

This weekend, a lil' dream of mine manifested into reality and I could not feel any more excited or elated to share some srs thoughts, feels and realisations with you...
Keep on scrollin' to get to the juicy bursts of insights... 


Because I always love giving you context... 

A little while ago, I connected with a beautiful soul by the name of Josie. She is a darling friend of Erika (if you read my last post.. you'll know all about that powerful woman). 

Josie and I instantly connected when we were introduced.
You know that sense of familiarity?
Beings that you're positive you've known in a past life?
Well, that's her. 

It was Erika's bridal shower + Hen's, a day of wild laughter and insane amounts of love to send her off into married life. It was the evening and we were getting ready to release the delicate floral vibes from the day, and get our black dress + red lipstick attitude on, to play into the early hours of the morning. 

In the midst of the getting ready hustle, Josie and I embark on the deepest, soul-opening chats you could imagine. Lost in our own world, momentarily forgetting the other gorg gals that surround us. We curiously get to know each other and what we're about, spending a quick hour or so sharing our truths, our loves and all that we think and feel about the mystic universe. 
Oh, I see you soul sister. 

I then, without thinking, shared with her my unrivalled desire to launch my blog, a dream that I'd been baking (and procrastinating) for the last 2+ years. Which is something that I rarely shared with good friends, let alone people I'd only just met. 

She was nothing but encouraging, fuelling my already deep fire to jump into the world of words. She was positive, motivating and so freakin' reassuring - in a way questioning me and kindly calling me out as to why I hadn't already. Thanks, girl. 

Josie then asked if I'd heard of Gala Darling. 
"Ahhh, no, I haven't?!"
She went on to tell me all about the incredible spirit that is Gala. I was heart eyes and all ears. And after this night, I could NOT wait to get home and get my google on. 

At the end of our conversation, she then said in her own beautiful words, that I remind her of Gala, in my own unique way. I didn't realise what an astonishing compliment this was and what it would mean to me throughout this journey, especially during the ever-present moments of self-doubt. 

Finalllllllllllly six months later, I launched The Soul Echo.
I'll admit, I did spend most of those 6 months getting in my own way. However, in this time I continued to explore Gala's website, read her epic blog posts and purchase my own copy of 'Radical Self Love'. And if you haven't heard of her or this book, then please, do yo'self a favour... You can peep the work of this phenomenal woman right here. 


Now, imma share a trivial fact about me. I'm not one to crush on celebs/anyone ever. Whilst I certainly have an appreciation for Leo Di Caprio *drool*, I don't go crazy wild, obsessing over one person, I've just never felt that way. 

The same applies to anyone on the world wide web or Instagram, I love share my adoration for many. However, Ms Darling is a little different. Whilst I maintain a levelheaded love for all, this gem holds a special place in my heart and in this mini journey of mine. And in recent times, my respect and love for this woman has only continued to increasingly grow after watching her Wonderland Series, participating in her Radical Abundance program and watching any and every Vlog I can get my sparkly paws on. 

So when I heard she was going to be in Brisbane, there was no doubt that I would be there.  

I arrived at the event, in a pink and silver sequin kimono #vortexdressing, seated with a glass of champagne, ready to give this babe a big Brisbane welcome! Feeling ready as ever to take on endless new ideas and information... 

I was sat next to the gorgeous Gabriella, who I'd connected with via Insta a few short weeks ago.
PSA: Gabriella does the most incredible artworks, that speak right to my soul. So if you ain't following her... you know what to do! And you can peep her website here too!

Gala lit up the room, totally rocking her power, erupting the room with cheer and showering us in her bright light.
With her glittery soul and sparkly baby pink dress she shimmied her way onto stage, commanding a higher level of energy from everyone in the room. 
Oh my god, talk 'bout GOALS! Yass KWEEN!

The two hours of divine sharing and the live Q+A with Gala left me silently nodding, quietly "ahhing", heart bursting, eyes glowing, and screaming multiple YASSS's in my head. 

There were SO many damn realisations, it was as if every word was a big hug from the universe, reaffirming so much...

The biggest of them all? 

And I mean that in the best possible way. Golden Gala delivered the goods - big time - but for me, it was a coming home to beliefs I have ignored, ideas I have shut down or thoughts I'd turned off because I've believed for a long time that I'm...
Not good enough
Not smart enough
Not powerful enough
Not intelligent enough
Nothing special enough
I don't have the authority to feel + believe and share such things...
Just. Not. Enough. 

This crazy Saturday night had me tearing up the long list of bullshit stories - visualising my minds eye setting fire (fiyaaah) to them.
I FINALLY broke through the self-limiting beliefs that have kept me small(er) for so long, and connected the glittery dots between how I've been showing up and how I want to show up.
I am SO ready and I know that it's time to freaking finally shine the light that I've been bottling up for oh-so-long, to relinquish my inner goddess, love my vulnerable and honest self, and most importantly share all that I've wanted to (for a while now) with YOU! 


So here are some nuggets of wisdom, from the majestic babe herself, embellished by yours truly. 



Ugh, honey, I have been there girl! Even the night of the event, in my sparkle get-up, I was STILL trying to be small, shying away from owning my damn shiney self! Also realising that trying to hide like that, in the outfit I was rocking, is completely RIDIC!
It's time to stop the softening of your edges and the dimming of your light for the fear that you're too much - BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT! 
Holy hell, if someone ever makes you feel like you're "just too much", you make sure you tell that playa to catch ya never. 
I've realised I've spent a loooootttt of years playing small, dumbing myself down, hiding my uniqueness, acting cool about the things I'm wildly passionate about, feeling embarrassed about myself... Which sounds absolutely absurd when typed, in grey and pink, but f*ck me it's incredible to actually REALISE this. With some extra self love and some continued soul work, imma be shining so goddamn bright - with or without the sequin kimono - and owning it, in my own badass way. 



Yasss, once you've quit the small act, you've got to level up and get the hell outta the way! It's easy to c*ckblock yourself once you're feelin' a little bigger (another sneaky technique of acting small) but it's time to make some room, drop that red carpet and strut yo' fierce self! Look at all the challenges, obstacles and hurdles you've overcome throughout your life, well, you don't need to give yourself anymore, right?! Step out of the way and allow yourself to harness the opportunities that surround you, you are wholeheartedly in control! 

I've found it super helpful to journal out some of these feels. For example, you've thought of something you want to achieve but you start the "oh you can't" spiel. Get into the zone of feelin' good (see below) and list out the reasons why you believe you "can't" and get debunking those myths! I promise you that your 'can'ts' will be 'cans' in no time, with a little nudge. 


Anything that's worth dreaming or doing, will always come with an element of risk. And the really good sh*t will come with far greater risk! 
Perhaps there's a risk of showing up honestly and being vulnerable, with a chance of not being accepted. Perhaps there's a risk where it miiiiight not work out, where you might feel as though you'll 'lose face', or heaven forbid - FAIL. No such thing, babes. 
Comfy = boring as hell! And boring = mediocrity!
Don't get to the end of your life unscathed and sheltered by the safety of avoiding risks and saying "no" to your dreams. Hell no! 
PLUS how many times have wonderful things happened when you're feeling cosy and safe in your comfort zone? 
Mmm, I'm guessing not many! Or not as many as there could be if you got freaky risky... Ya feel!
The next time yourself shy away from something that deep down you feel called to do, I challenge you to LEAN IN and DIVE THE HELL IN! 


Umm, yes! Before you can go and conquer the world (which you can SO do), you owe it to yourself to feel realllllly fucking GOOD whilst you go about world domination. 
Like really, really feeling so good, so dreamy, so sparkly with sweet vibes it's cray, that nothing can shadow your energy!
Get your fine self into the vortex of feeling good and there is really no stopping you. In this magic realm, there ain't mood or energy that can touch or affect you, which will leave you maintaining your high glowing vibe. #win
Plus, all that kickass stuff you want to create, do or manifest will only feel all the more tangible in this state. Have you ever tried to do something when you're in a shitty mood? Mmm, I needn't say more!
Hot MUST do tip: create a morning ritual to get you feelin' good. It doesn't have to be a 2hour long meditation, upside down bikram unicorn yoga on a mountain you climbed for 6 hours... It can be simple stuff, working with the time you've got in your morning. 
- Listening to a motivating podcast while you shower
- Repeating affirmations to your amazing self while you put your makeup on
- Get up 2 minutes before your alarm to stretch your body
Gala shares so many thoughts and ideas on this topic, almost any video on her YouTube will talk about this. I'll also be sharing some of my go-to feel-good actions, v soon!


Get turned on... By SEX! And get turned on by your own freaking life! How outrageous, right?! In the words of the woman herself... Neglecting and ignoring this vulnerable part of ourselves, results in not only a dry vagina...
It might sound crazy or taboo, but IT IS SO TRUE! Everything, especially my creativity is far more abundant when I'm in tune with my sexual self. Sure, it's a work in progress but I absolutely resonate with the belief that being aligned sexually has a wondrous impact on your world and the unlocking of endless potential that comes with owning this sacred part of our beautiful selves. It's empowering AF! #pussypower


I think this has got to be numero uno.
Before you can really focus on any or all of the above, you must first accept yourself in your entirety.
You have to own both the golden light AND the dusty corners.
You have to be accountable for your radiant positivity and the imperfect flaws.
You have to own those fabulous and not-so-fun character traits.
You have to OWN your stories, even the bullshit ones that we let get in the way. 
I think out of everything this can be the toughest, however, in a beautifully vulnerable way it is absolutely the MOST rewarding.
With the power of being accountable and responsible it allows us to feel a deeper connection to our being, to level up in our self-respect, letting us honour ourselves with greater energy and providing us with the FREEDOM to unapologetically be our dream selves!

I know this is really fucking long! But I don't fucking do things in halves... And I want to bloody share all that I can with you! #owningmysuperpowers.

I hope a small part of this resonated with your heart and soul, as it poured out of mine. 
I cannot f*cking wait to share more!

Do not dim your light.
own your superpowers and shine really f*cking bright.