New Year, Who Dis?

A big hello to you! 
And a big hello to 2017!

A fun, crazy and kinda blurry festive break. 

A fun, crazy and kinda blurry festive break. 

I hope your holiday break was the perfect combination of relaxation, indulgence, adventure and excitement. May you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and READY AS EVER for a brand spankin' beautiful '17. 

Let's do dis.

Sounds like I'm 'bout to throw down an epic hook in a rap battle.
I ain't, I swear. 

This sweet and delicious New Year has gotten me a thinkin' about all things goals/dreams/plans/life in general. Thinking, thinking, thinking.. <insert 16 thinking emoji's here>. So I asked myself a couple of questions to channel those thoughts into some sorta direction. 

What is 2017 going to look like?
What is 2017 going to feel like?
What are you going to achieve?
What are you going to embrace?
What are you going to set free?

Let's do it together.
Take a moment to think about what your answer would be for each one.

Now, if I were to ask you to re-read those questions with the following question in mind.. 

If there were no boundaries or limitations to achieving, being or doing, what desires would you transform into reality? 

Would your answers be the same? 

Good question, huh? Whatever your answers may be, PLZ do not limit yourself. As much as it sounds cliche AF, any damn thing you want is entirely possible. You are the ruler of your fate. It probs won't happen overnight or the first time you try. Sure it might not work out if it's not the 'right' thing for YOU but this is just a part of our journey as human beings in this cray world, it's how we grow, it's how we learn, it's how other doors open for us AND is totes OK! *deep breath*. 

Let the experience be the decider of the 'success', not your brain preempting the outcome or overthinking it, before giving it a shot. After all, you're not failing if it doesn't work out, you're only failing if you do nothing at all. 

Over the last few years I've really drawn away from the idea of a resolution or ultimate transformation with the changing of years. How do you possibly 'flip the switch' within one night? And do so successfully? 

I'm not saying that this isn't possible, as we can make powerful choices at any moment of our lives to inspire change. With saying that, ANY MOMENT means just that, at any point you have the capacity to determine your destiny. You don't have to wait for the stroke of midnight on the 31st of December. 

In the same breath, I'm not sure if it's just me but with the New Year, I do feel a sense of newness and freshness which I find very inspiring, particularly so this year. Twenty sixteen was f*cking massive in many ways and with the crescendo of holidays and the festive season, the New Year feels like a refreshing wave of new opportunity. 

Which is where those questions above come into play. Not all the answers will come to you at once, it's taken me a couple of days to really get in tune with what it is I desire. Downtime, space and change of scenery can help give you time to hone in on those thoughts and feelings, giving you further clarity. 

The answers aren't absolute though. As I progress through the days and months of the year, a readjustment of the sails to arrive at a different destination may or may not be required. Perhaps goals and plans as they are, in this moment, no longer align with my heart and soul. Perhaps I need to tweak the game plan to continue. Who knows?! Success and achievement isn't a straight line trajectory, it often looks like some whack scribble slowly moving in a kinda upwards direction.

Let's kick this year off with a BANG!

Let's kick this year off with a BANG!

So, what are my answers? Ohhhhh, here we go..

What is 2017 going to look like for you?
Sparkly, bright and shiny are the three words that come to mind.
Adventurous, with more travelling and exploring places I've yet experienced. Sharing more quality time with my family, friends and the beautiful souls that make me feel damn good. More creative playfulness, expanding boundaries, a little more 'me time' and mindfulness. Laughing so hard I cry, more exercise through different means (ie. not just the boring old stinky gym), thriving amongst the busy-ness. 

What is 2017 going to feel like for you?
Magical (which sorta ties into sparkly, bright and shiny). It's going to feel really, really gewd. Packed with good vibes, positivity, warm and fuzzy feels, challenging moments (aka growth). It's going to feel rewarding, motivating, inspiring, EXCITING with sharing more love and connecting on a deeper level. 

What are you going to achieve?
Mmm, I haven't quite got this list finalised yet. Achieving the above throughout both the daily grind and big moments is the greatest goal. Aside from that, I want to get a movin' and a shakin', big time. Dive into more photography, perhaps complete a course, work on my hand lettering, learn to surf + DJ (like I've wanted to for years), achieve something (?unsure exactly) fitness + health wise. And, above all that dive deeper into more sharing within this space. I've got plenty brewing and have had so for some time in my heart and head.. Which equally scares and excites the F outta me. WOOHOO!

What are you going to embrace?
It's a given imma be embracing the above with open arms. Embracing newness, change, challenges, fear, excitement. Acceptance is a buzz word. A biggie, is to embrace myself. I really need to put in some hard yakka focussing on dat self lovin', body positive, self esteem boosting section of my world. What does any of what I've just written mean if I can't bloody love myself?! I'll be sharing some of that wild ride here too.. 

What are you going to set free?
Toxicity (pretty heavy word to kick off). Freeing myself from toxic relationship(s) and/or environment(s). Setting free to what doesn't feel good anymore. Freeing myself of the old, boring and down right ridiculous thought patterns (particularly concerning myself and relating to my self lurve). Setting free to some of the past through new experiences, challenges, and more vulnerability in my with sharing you, here! With the intention and ultimate desire to help someone else out there who may be reading this. Goals AF. 

Here's to more adventuring, exploring, sunshine and good times!

Here's to more adventuring, exploring, sunshine and good times!

Whoaaaa. Wow. 

Dems fightin' words Steph Doyle. But, there's a fire in my belly, passion and determination stirring, coupled with a sense that I know I WILL DO THIS (and more, as it comes my way).  

I hope through this very wordy rambling, I've been able to provoke some inspiration for you and your year ahead. May you achieve all that you desire and ten fold more. 

If I can, you absolutely can too. I gotta good feelin', baby. 

Let's crush it, togeths (fo'evs). 
*fist pump w/ explosive finish*






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