#New Year/Same Me

Happy new year, welcome to 2016 lovers!

I’m still flawed that it is 2-0-1-6, where did the last year go? 

All the same, from my heart to yours, I hope your festive season was nothing short of fun with good vibes and memorable time spent with those special peeps in your life. 

I’ve got a feeling that this year, is going to be INCRED. I know it feels like every year this is said, but I’m really digging 2016 and what it has to offer. 

I know I’ve been a little quiet on here. I jumped in, launched this baby and then found myself more scared than what I was when it was just a delightful dream in my head. Classic self-doubting nerves clouding my creative vision, and interfering with me typing my little heart out. But, I am back for good. I am no longer tolerating self-doubting negative thoughts that hold me back, I promise myself to be unapologetically ME. 

Which leads me to my next point, new years reso’s (I love abbreviating words, it’s kinda a bad habit of mine lately). Now I’m not sure about you but when I hear the phrase “my new years resolution will be/is” I feel as though it holds the entire universes clichés, in one damn sentence. I’m speaking for myself, but so often I find resolutions are far-fetched and extreme. It’s like, give me 3 mintues to think about the last 365 days and all the things I didn’t do and now create some unrealistic expectation that I’ll change like Cinderella once the clock strikes 12. Then when you’re not ticking those resolution boxes straight away, it feels deflating and disappointing, finding yourself in a negative spiral of feeling unsuccessful. Now I know this sounds really extreme and it may not be the case for you, but these thoughts have shifted my feelings on the whole idea of a “new year, new me”

I fucking love new years and the feelings of a new chapter/starting afresh, along with the celebration of the previous 12 months. I almost feel at one time or another, us as human beings need to celebrate the people we are, the things we achieve and really take a moment to pause and embrace where we are at this moment. I don’t necessarily believe it has to be on a standard occasion such as NYE, it can be anytime and in anyway that honours you. I think new years brings an air of freedom and relaxation (providing Christmas wasn’t too stressful), and a time where we look back and reflect. One of the most important balancing acts I believe is reflection and forward direction. 

Instead of setting a crazy insane new years resolution(s), I now set myself big (or little) 12 month goals which are broken down into baby steps. A sequence of actions and forward movements that I need to take in order to achieve the bigger stuff. Without a clear action plan, it is impossible to get serious about chasing those dreams and turning them into your reality. As we grow and change throughout the year, our goals might change and morph into something else too, which is something you can’t predict. What you want right now, may not be what you want in June. If you have an idea of the steps you’re going to take, then you can readjust along the way without feeling as though you’re not achieving that big idea and/or feeling disappointed. 

Along with that, I kinda feel that the word resolution just does not work for me. Resolve what? Nothing is actually wrong, it’s just not quite how I want it, so I’ll do something about it and make it what I want. We are exactly where we’re meant to be, reflect for a moment, and then use that as your inspiration to set your sights sky high and create a game plan. 

To give you a little insight from me, initially when asked about my resolutions, I said I didn’t have any. How bloody cliché do I want to be?! That also doesn’t quite make sense, because I have a big list of goals I want to kick this year. Right now, one of them is to create a more positive relationship with myself. To stop being so damn hard on myself, replacing negative thoughts about myself with love and positivity. After all, I pride myself on creating a life that is abundant with good vibes and lovin’, and sharing that with those I love. But when it comes to me, I don’t do a very good job of backing myself or boosting myself with self-love (I think this will be another blog post for down the track). For now I’ve reflected and I’ve got a forward direction, but this isn’t going to happen straight away, I won’t suddenly be bursting with praise for myself. Uh-huh. This will take time, which I’m accepting of and determined more than ever to get to that space. I will start by being more conscious and aware of my thoughts when I start to feel negative/self doubting feelings, stop and pause in that moment, understand why I’m feeling that way and what I can do to fix it. Is it a just feeling? Is it circumstantial? What can I do about it right now? Then slowly turn those negative thoughts into at least one positive thought. I don’t know if this will work (something is better than nothing), but I’ll give it a red hot go, which I endeavour to share my little self love journey along the way. 

No matter where you’re at on day 4 of 2016, my wish for you is that you are absolutely confident and proud of your capabilities to achieve whatever your soul desires. Bring on a successful and happy year of working hard and achieving more. I believe in you (and me, see I'm starting), and I think this fresh year is shaping up to be pretty damn amaze. 

Now go out there and get it!

Next stop for me, New York. 

Love + light + good kickass vibes. 


New year motto’s: back myself / unapologetically me.