No Challenge / No Change

Hola beautiful being!

So it's been a while since I popped up on here, my baaaad. Kinda thanks to life gettin' all cray, and kinda thanks to me shying away. You know the drill, self doubt, over thinking, a thousand questions.. 
"Why me?"
"Who cares?"
"Is what I'm sharing perfect?" (haha, that answer I know will always be a no). 

Baby steps, but i'm back. I'm determined to keep this up, and to push through the self doubt and this mindset that has me hiding away. It's completely ridiculous I spend hours creating, writing, verbalising blog posts in my head, then become a big scaredy cat and never press the magic publish button. So bear with me while I figure this out, thank you if you're already here with me right now reading this. It will be far from perfect, but I do promise it will be honest, raw, real and hopefully inspires a laugh or two. 

So it's August, how the f*ck did that happen? Excuse my french, but seriously. Where is 2016 going?! With the months passing like lightening, never has it been a better time to squeeze every last drop of goodness out of this year. Which kinda leads me to my next point.. 

In the last few months, I'd been feeling no-so-great about myself. My fitness was slipping away, my health wasn't the best and to be perfectly honest, I was feeling like CRAP. In every sense of the word, no energy, no self love and getting sick frequently. I guess I'd been a bit of a rut. When you're in that kind of space, it can pile up on you, and all of a sudden you're in a place that ain't doing you any favours. Don't get me wrong - it wasn't all bad, gee.. If anything, my life is pretty damn sweet. This is more of a personal vibe, I was just not digging me. Side note: Some beautiful friends had reminded me, it's not all about the outer, what really matters is what's on the inside. Which i'm sure we've all heard from time to time, but it's DAMN true, you just have you start believing it. I'd never let anyone I love think they are anything less than magic, sunshine and beauty or come close to thinking the things that I had, so why let MYSELF do this? 

It was time to make a CHANGE. 

I've done this before. I've previously lost a lottttt of weight. So I know I'm capable, I know it's doable, I also know it's pretty tough BUT get your mind in the right space and anything is possible. 


Yep, I totes got this.. 

Yep, I totes got this.. 

With all of those thoughts and feels, I was working up to figuring what my game plan was. The motivation was starting to fire up, and I was increasingly becoming hungrier to get shit done. The universe somehow nailed the perfect timing at that moment, I received a text message from one of my best gals, asking if I wanted to sign up to an 8 week challenge with her. My initial reaction was "FUCK YES!". I had a few hesitations at first, but my gut and my soul felt so strongly pulled in that direction, it had to be YAS and it couldn't have been more precise timing. Two days later we were up bright and early to go and sign ourselves up to an insane 8 weeks of our lives. Woooooo!

I'm currently into my second week of the challenge, and I'm bloody loving it. By loving it I mean it's still a goddamn challenge, it's as far as it could possibly be from easy. Coming off the first week I was exhausted and drained. Going from zero to a thousand with a flick of a switch, in a day, my body was questioning my sanity and probably thinking "what the hell, you crazy bish?!". But they say if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you, which is highly accurate. I have experienced almost every emotion that you can possibly feel, but ultimately it has left me feeling on top of the world and hungry for more, for  s o  m u c h  m o r e. 

There's some deep feels coming your way talking about self love, feeling driven and determined, getting motivated and taking that baby beginning step in the direction of your wildest dreams. I will be sharing my journey and my experience on this challenge, to give you a real-life look into these 8 weeks. Hopefully through all of this there will be some inspiration, motivation and perhaps a catalyst that gets you excited for whatever it is you want to achieve. 

The world is yours for the taking, so go get it (gurllll). 

I'll be back soon for more. Promise. 

Love + good vibes + non stop dreamin'. 


I could pick this photo to pieces, but, there ain't no time for that attitude no mo'. 

I could pick this photo to pieces, but, there ain't no time for that attitude no mo'.