Passion Fuels Purpose

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I had a conversation with a client earlier this week in regards to photography and photo shoots, particularly how she feels as the subject and the nerves that naturally arise when being photographed.

When I expressed my vision and my passion, which stems far beyond just creating magic imagery, she met me with "Oh, I have never thought about it like that". It was so awesome that I had the chance to have this conversation, hear her feedback and share with her, candidly, my feels about my work. 

Above, the beautiful Kerri who I spoke with and photographed earlier this week. 

At the same time, it made me realise that perhaps I need to share a lil' more about the vision behind my creative dream, what fuels my artistic fire and what I love most about documenting lives and capturing moments in time. 

Above and beyond the creative joy that comes with being present and transforming sacred moments into treasured keepsakes, it's about the experience that I provide to the wonderful humans that put their faith and trust in my photographic ability. Yes, I'm determined to create imagery that nails the brief, that brings smiles to peoples faces, stirs emotion and makes people feel, deeply. 

However, I've realised that it is equally as important to me, to curate an environment and an atmosphere that MAKES PEOPLE FEEL GOOD! I'm a firm believer that our only job in life is to FEEL GOOD as much and as often as we can - more on that another time. 

Along with this being my life motto, it's also a solid foundation for my photography, for my purpose and 'The Soul Echo' mission. I want to make people feel exceptional, beautiful, glorious, sparkly, beaming with light, fleeky and total FIYAH, to feel unstoppable and heavenly... Because, when you feel really and truly damn good, there's this inexplicable raw magic that is unleashed in the space surrounding you - where you are unapologetically yourself, without boundaries, limitations or fear. And with these majestic moments, comes pure photographic goodness! 
It's also something that I thrive witnessing with or without my camera lens. 

Look at that joy! My gorgeous gal Ola. 

Look at that joy! My gorgeous gal Ola. 

I love photography so much that I want others to enjoy it too, even if it's only when they're having their photo taken. I never, ever want a photography session to feel like a chore or to be something that people dread. Hell, I want people to be excited for weeks in the lead up (well, maybe the day of at least). 

I was in a Sunday arvo yoga class a few months ago and I spotted this loved-up couple whispering, laughing and chatting beforehand - you could feel the love that they had for each other and the joy that yoga brings them. I was so captivated by these two strangers, that all I wanted to do was photograph them and their beautiful energy! And then it hit me, photoshoots don't have to be vanilla or standard, they SHOULD be fun and playful, capturing YOUR vibe and energy. 

This small yet powerful moment is the reason why lately I've been repeating  "I don't want to do boring" as a mantra in my mind when I'm pondering my photography.  This is why I avoid ultra posed - white top and blue jeans. This is why I encourage people to do something they love doing with the people that they love doing it with and then I simply tag along to take some photos. Another blog post coming soon featuring fun ideas, but it really can be  a n y t h i n g. 

Ah, what a dream! The stunning Kirsten. 

Ah, what a dream! The stunning Kirsten. 

Perhaps you love going on a family picnic to the beach or the dog beach with your beloved fur child (I also love snapping doggos). 
Maybe you and your BFF's want to get some photos (how cool would that be, right?!), go for brunch, go for a cocktail(s), or go op-shopping and try on crazy outfits!
You and your lover might take great pleasure in going for a Sunday drive to explore, or a hike (might need to improve my fitness), or even a wander through the city together - I'll be a sneaky and equally chill third wheel. 
I'm sure you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down but there are so many COOL things that you can do and we happen to snap up a candid storm along the way. 
PS. Candid photos are the, no awkward smiles or uncomfy postures! 

And if you're thinking about getting some family photos or photos with peeps that you love. DO IT... Please! 

This is a little close to home but it's also a story that continues to fuel my passion...
When I was 17, my family and I were meant to have a family portrait session because the last family photo we had together was from my Uncle and Aunty's wedding in 2001 (and hey, a lot changes in 7 years, including me growing from an awks pre-teen to a still kinda awks teen). The day of our session, I was violently ill with the flu (I still vividly remember how sick I was almost 10 years later) and I legit couldn't move or stop vom'ing, YUCK! So the sensible thing to do was to cancel the session because the last thing anyone needs is a sweet family photo totally destroyed with a power vom. Plus, I wouldn't have been lookin' my best 17yo self anyway. As much as I joke, the saddest part is that we never had the chance to rebook our photos before our world was filled with heartache, sadness and tragedy. Mum was in and out of the hospital and as a family we were scattered, just trying to make it through each day. As we navigated the toughest journey we have ever experienced, six short months later my beautiful Mum passed away. 

My beautiful Mama. 

My beautiful Mama. 

The intention behind sharing this story is to not get morbid AF or to scare you into getting photos. All I want this to be is a simple nudge from me/the universe/Mum if you have been thinking about organising family photos, or photos with anyone you love!
At the very least, at the next family BBQ or catch up with friends, take a selfie or set your phone up on self-timer - regardless of whether or not people want to or moan about it. 

Life can change in a blink of an eye, it's fleeting, it's heartbreaking and equally magnificent. We cannot freeze time, go back or change the speed at which it passes us but we can capture small moments of our incredible existence in sweet little frames.  

Gratitude, as always, for joining me here. I hope this gave you a little insight into my work and even a little inspo to gather your loves for some piccies!