Reality Doesn't Bite

We are well and truly into this brand spankin' new year, how the hell is it February ALREADY?! That shit is cray. Despite January slipping into sweet memories, 2016 is certainly delivering the goods. By comparison this year is already shaping up to outshine 2015 which is hella exciting. 

T and I were lucky enough to spend the first half of January frolicking in foreign lands, in magical NEW YORK, baby! And boy oh boy, was she a dream. We explored, laughed, adventured, ate, drank, laughed some more and loved our way around NYC. From strolling around Central Park under the bluest of blue skies on a crisp winters morning, to unintentionally but perfectly timing being on top of the world (Top of the Rock) at sunset. We saw the Manhattan skyline by water taxi, and checked out Miss Liberty who captivated me. We hit up broadway to see a childhood disney favourite come to life, which left me teary and speechless. We went to a 3 hour stand up comedy show, which left me teary from laughter. We went and saw our opposing basketball teams (Celtics v. Knicks) verse each other and Madison Square Garden, followed by a few too many beers and running through Times Square at 4:30am laughing and yelling (the following day being the sole reason I never drink beer). We had the best espresso martini's of our lives on a rooftop bar overlooking the night skyline, as we chatted our hearts out. I spent most of my time snug and feeling like a total kween in my luxe {faux} fur coat, which has me wishing I could warrant it in a Brissy winter!

Ultimately we spent two weeks loving life and each other, in a city that we very quickly settled into. In a weird, bizarre and kinda sentimental way it felt as if I had come home. I also couldn't have asked for a better travel companion, aside from one very hangry + tangry (tired-angry) moment in LAX airport, not having a clue where we should be as time was ticking before our next flight left. We finally got on the plane with about 2 minutes to spare and let out a biiiig sigh of relief. And yes, we did run through the airport barefoot. PHEW.

Overall, the majority of my excitement came from discovering the intrigue of big, old, beautiful New York City with my best friend. *awwwww* (but srs). 

Now, the real talk..
Post holiday blues
You've heard it before, felt it before, seen it before and I know I've experienced it plentyyyy of times. Returning from a holiday and slipping back into normality after being completely free from reality's daily grind is something I have struggled with. Big time. You spend a lot of time longing to go back in time, or dreaming about the next adventure and wishing it would whisk you away almost immediately. Planning our NYC trip I could almost taste the dread and the sadness that comes, as you leave happy memories behind and return to work, gym, and the other regular commitments. 

But, this time was different.

Leaving the city, glancing back at the famous skyline through dirty windows of a run down yellow cab, I felt like my time there was complete. Totally satisfied with all that we did, and okay with the last few things we didn't tick off the list. Excited to get the exhausting journey underway and saying a sweet prayer that jet lag wouldn't be a total bitch again. Excited to be back in the land of BNE. 
Back home, in our cosy apartment which has a view that I would say is "up there".
Back to our families.
Back to our friends.
Back to work.
Back to the gym (especially after the bulk greasy deliciousness I consumed).
Back to kickin' 2016's ass.
Back to our humble and amazing life in Brisbane. 

I ain't mad. I wasn't mad. I certainly wasn't sad. I was the complete opposite, totally and utterly HAPPY to be back. Okay, maybe I had some dread for the loads (on loads on loads on loads) of washing and folding I knew I had ahead of me, which as you guessed.. Completely SUCKED. 

Strangest thing, is that I didn't "coach" myself to feel this way, or completely deny/suppress the blues. I felt an overwhelming sense of genuine happiness to be back, which surprised me. Considering previously I have (mostly) journeyed domestically, still almost every time I have returned home, reality has greeted me with a big old sad slap in the face. 

My thoughts: I can't exactly say why I've felt like this, or how I have. I have done lots of thinking and analysing, and I believe it's a combination of really happy things that now fill my world. As I look back on photos from our trip, I do get a little "aww, NEW YORK.. I remember that day, that moment, or doing xyz". However, I know that this trip isn't our last OS adventure together (or the last for this year.. mmm SPAIN). I am totally in love with my job, which has made an overall and complete difference to both my profesh' and personal world. It is a completely blessed feeling that I will never take for granted, so I have no shame in lovin' werk lyf and making it known. The same love, made cruising into the rhythm of work again a total breeze, erasing any potential anxiety and post holiday blues. Then the cherry on top, the added excitement of seeing family and friends after work and over the weekends, post Christmas and New Year, with plenty to share and catch up on. I'm also I'm feelin' v. keen kick some serious goals, particularly to lose weight and get FIT again after so much time off (and putting on weight). Amongst all the things I want to work on and do this year, my life is bursting with so many happy things. 
And that, is the greatest feeling in the world. 

I know it's cliche, but HELL YEAH I'm going there.
DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Don't you dare stop, until you're finding yourself in a place that is surrounding you with happiness. Actually don't ever stop, because happiness isn't a destination, you will continue to grow, change and learn, and with that your happiness (and the things that make you happy). Whatever you do, do not let yourself ever feel stuck in a place of darkness and sadness. I promise there is light, laughs and love waiting for you. Sometimes it takes work and some tough times to get there, but it's so worth it. 

Enough mushy ramble. 

Here's some snaps from NYC (ONLY taken on my iPhone)
And, I mentioned about jumping back on the FIT train.. Well, watch this space.