Forget About Perfect

Hello, you exquisite being!

I'm baaack! And if you're joining me here, then you'll be amongst my fre$h new website. 
Whattya think? Do you like? I reaaaally hope so! It's certainly an upgrade from my last baby, who I sadly + excitedly grew out of. 

It was hard to let her go at first. My OG website. My numero uno. I remember creating her and launching her into the world wide web, nervous as to how she'd go (and more so, how I'd go). 

She did it, she carried me through a couple of years on and off blogging #legend. But with some recent realisations, extra motivation and fiery inspiration - I wanted and needed more. 

So this space is a lotta late nights work, a little frustration when things weren't working the first time. It involved ultra tired eyes, buzzing energy, silent fist pumps and cheers when I figured out lil' issues or got somethin' looking extra pretty - without really knowing what I was doing - and generally late at night, celebrating with myself. 

I ain't no IT wiz, let alone expert in creating websites. BUT I'm quietly (okay, loudly) stoked on my achievements with this space. 

During some of the creative process, like any process, change or challenge, there was the old dreary + boring self doubt story creeping in. Which I've (sorta) managed to drown out through the momentum of pushing myself to work, create and continue the hustle. 

The most challenging part was not the technical or even the creative side (despite taking 3 hours + to decide on a freaking font). I had to accept that this will not and will never be perfect. 
It will never be perfect. 
I don't like to label myself as a perfectionist, but I would classify myself in the category of wanting things to be perfect. I know.. Go figure!

I remember these exact same feels when I first dived deep into the unknown world of the interwebs. I can almost recollect those exact same feels when I was creating the OG site. Which is what lead me to put it off for almost ever, thinking about it instead of doing it. A dangerous place to be when it comes to following your heart, hunting down those dreams. It was funny because I knew deep in my soul that THIS was meant for me, yet I let myself chill in the stagnant + complacent zone because I was afraid of so much, including not being 'perfect'. 


The idealistic concept of PERFECTION does not exist. I don't mean to sound like a defeatist but like srsly, when is anything EVER perfect?! It's our perception and acceptance of the imperfections that make it so.

As we grow, learn, develop and evolve through life and our own journey - that is unique to US. The world around us does too, this includes what we surround ourself with. I think as I'm 'growing up' I'm realising this more and more, and slowly bloody accepting it. Finally!

We grow out of sh*t, because we learn, our hearts expand, our souls grow and our energy shifts. Nothing is meant to be permanent, and I think the more comfortable we get with that idea (and the idea of being uncomfortable), the easier these changes and the greater ability we have to 'level up'. The easier we adapt to the goings on around us, and the easier it is to just let things go. As we let what doesn't serve us go, we create space for better stuff to transform in its place. 

In reality, V 1.0 of The Soul Echo was great, I loved it. And now, V 2.0 is lookin' extra swanky, more fascinating and more playful. Who knows what V 3.0 may look like or when it may come to fruition, but if this change is anything to go by, it's only going to be more beautiful and exciting. Which just proves that the future, OUR future is bloody out of this world exciting. When you think about it, the possibilities are endless when we de-cloud our vision and expand our horizons and cancel out our self limiting beliefs. 

If you think back to 2 years ago, where you were, what you were doing, your views and beliefs, your experience to date. I guarantee that in the time that has passed you've blossomed, learnt and grown more than you could have ever imagined a couple of years ago. You've added more experiences into the story of your life on this planet and with that comes rich wisdom, strength and change. So the future can only be full of wonder and opportunity.. 

Don't let the fear of the unknown scare you away from chasing your dreams. 

So YES (yasss) I am incredibly proud and quietly bursting into confetti over here, in pure joy and excitement at not only how this space looks and feels NOW. But how it may evolve in the future.. Who knows what it will look like, where it will lead me or how it will grow. 

All I know is that imma revel in this moment for a little longer, enjoy this moment and then continue to hustle my little heart out - with open arms to the opportunities that the universe will deliver. 

Big things are comin', I can feel it and I'm ready. 

Extra big love and gratitude for joining The Soul Echo (V.2). 


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