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EVENTS: [RECAP]: The Collab Excursion!

Holy magic! This blog post is packed with a detailed recap of the recent event I was lucky to collaborate on and participate in. I share about the day that was, the power of feminine connection and the BIGGEST life/mind/business shifting moment (aka explosion) I’ve EVER experienced.
Packed with images I captured on the day, insights and hopefully some encouragement for you to attend an event near you soon!

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The Reality, Fear and Power of Showing Up and Being Seen!

Are you just showing up? Or are you showing up AND being seen? 
In this post, I talk about a life-altering and energy shifting realisation that came to my consciousness. I candidly share my internal feelings about myself, along with my thoughts on the power that lies within us to bust down our fear and own the beauty of being heard, felt and recognised. It's honest; it's real, it's a cheering-you-on, kinda thought-provoking post. Read, feel, and enjoy... I would love to hear your thoughts! x

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Lost in the Galaverse

A sweet dream of mine manifested itself into reality on the weekend, gifting me the opportunity to meet one of my greatest sources of inspirations, the WWW dream kween and 11/10 pink loving soul babe - Gala Darling. 
I reflect on how I stumbled across this radical being, the evening that was, the realisations that followed and the SIX thangs I feel called to share wit chu...
Oh, and some pinked up photographs of the woman herself. Enjoy, lover. 

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