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My Ode to Grief

This blog is a celebration of the ninth anniversary since my Mum’s passing. I share what I’ve learned about grief, and all that it has taught and gifted me. I candidly give you insight into the rawness that has been my aching heart the last couple of days, along with a little encouragement should you be experiencing a similar heaviness. It’s tender, it’s expressive, it’s a little slice of my heart…

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The Reality, Fear and Power of Showing Up and Being Seen!

Are you just showing up? Or are you showing up AND being seen? 
In this post, I talk about a life-altering and energy shifting realisation that came to my consciousness. I candidly share my internal feelings about myself, along with my thoughts on the power that lies within us to bust down our fear and own the beauty of being heard, felt and recognised. It's honest; it's real, it's a cheering-you-on, kinda thought-provoking post. Read, feel, and enjoy... I would love to hear your thoughts! x

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