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The Travel Series: Emotional Adventure [Part 1]

Welcome to The Travel Series. Brought to life thanks to Instagrams word limit, oh and my beautifully deep feels post-holiday. The series will aim to enlighten, empower, bring joy and insight with a giggle or two along the way. Coupled with some stories and imagery I created too!
This post is the first in the series, and a part one of two exploring the emotions and feelings that have sparkled into my existence, featuring four poignant realisations… Join me?

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The Divine Feminine

A heart expanding, wordy post, recollecting the moments of witnessing and welcoming new life into the world. I reflect on this incredible experience and share my thoughts on divine feminine and masculine energy, along with my personal outpouring of feels about, well, err'thang.
Join me as I dedicate this post to the divine woman in my life and the wonder that is life. 

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