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The Travel Series: Emotional Adventure [Part 1]

Welcome to The Travel Series. Brought to life thanks to Instagrams word limit, oh and my beautifully deep feels post-holiday. The series will aim to enlighten, empower, bring joy and insight with a giggle or two along the way. Coupled with some stories and imagery I created too!
This post is the first in the series, and a part one of two exploring the emotions and feelings that have sparkled into my existence, featuring four poignant realisations… Join me?

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The Reality, Fear and Power of Showing Up and Being Seen!

Are you just showing up? Or are you showing up AND being seen? 
In this post, I talk about a life-altering and energy shifting realisation that came to my consciousness. I candidly share my internal feelings about myself, along with my thoughts on the power that lies within us to bust down our fear and own the beauty of being heard, felt and recognised. It's honest; it's real, it's a cheering-you-on, kinda thought-provoking post. Read, feel, and enjoy... I would love to hear your thoughts! x

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Passion Fuels Purpose

Join me as I share some insight into what fuels my photographic fire and what I'm oh-so deeply passionate about when it comes to photography. I talk about my 'why', the uniqueness that I want to achieve with my work, the stories that have shaped myself and my vision, my belief and foundation and everything that I want to create with the wonderful humans with whom I connect. Oh, and perhaps a little inspo for yo' fine self. 

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