Ten Tips to Explore Toowoomba

Feel like a sweet, relaxed Sunday drive?
Escaping the city, the hustle and reality for a few hours? 
Exploring something different, a short change of scenery?

If you're a Brissy (or South East QLD) local, I 11/10 recommend heading to Toowoomba for the day. 
And no, I'm not completely crazy, I promise!

I mentioned this to a couple of peeps during the week, met with a confused response "oh, what's at Toowoomba?". 

Well, let me answer that for you! Here are some of the things we checked out, that I wholeheartedly endorse. 

My initial inspiration came from the recent First Coat festival that took place in 2016 and 2017 amongst the streets of T-Ba, which I spotted on good ol' Insta.
So.. What is First Coat?
Ohhh, well let me tell (and show) you! In short, it's an international street art festival, showcasing the talents of local and international artists. 

I mentioned it in my about page, and I'm sure I'll mention it again, I really dig street art. So when I saw the colourful insta posts of the masterpieces being created, it wasn't an IF but a WHEN am I going?!

Wanna check out some creative goodness? Along with some inspo for your next weekend drive? Well here is some of what I found (and loved). 


Bank Lane

Featuring the work of ultra babe and talented friend Leona Fietz, along with a piece by David Usher. 


Mark Lane

Featuring the colourful work of Carla McRae + Ghostpatrol - feat Tom [TOP LEFT] and Nadia Herandez [TOP RIGHT].
Along with the eye catching and dreamy work of Cherie Buttons - feat Me 'cos I was so stoked to see it in the flesh! [BOTTOM LEFT] 
And the magic piece by Emmanuel Moore. [BOTTOM RIGHT]


3 Bowen Street

Featuring this masterpiece by Lisa King. 


Laundry Street

Featuring the incredible work of Ian McCallum. 

Right across the road from Ian's work, there is a random wall of wild flowers, which are the brightest, zingy-ist shade of orange. Perf spot for an insta photo!

Random Orange Wall of Beauty


And if you're gettin' a little peckish, like we were, there is a divine cafe right around the corner from Laundry Street. Literally around the corner, on Ann Street, called Milk and Honey Espresso. 

I highly recommend the house made crumpets (side of bacon optional, but also recommend). It was the kinda meal that is unassuming, completely exceeding any expectation you had of crumpets. It's the kinda dish that I'm craving, three days later! The service was also the perfect balance of attentive, friendly and down to earth. 


Milk and Honey Espresso

After you have a full belly of goodness, it's time for some more exploring. We ventured down the road to check out more of the local streets. 


Cnr Thorn and Hume Streets

Featuring creative talents of Frank + Mimi.  Oh, and my m8 Tommo. 

And you have to, have to, HAVE TO check out the glorious Empire Theatre. Something about it's creamy exterior in contrast to the vivid blue sky, with the moon chillin' in the background was so beautifully captivating. *Heart eyes* 


Empire Theatre

Not too far from the Empire Theatre, is a beautiful park to wander through. Rose gardens, playgrounds, croquet fields, majestic trees and perfectly manicured lawns. Heaven, especially under the golden sunshine of the afternoon!


Laurel Bank Park

After all this excitement and adventuring, I'm vibin' some chill time. The wintery afternoon sun is now transforming into golden hour, so it's the perfect time to sit, relax, gaze in awe at the beautiful countryside surrounding you. 

A short 5 minute drive north of Toowoomba will find you at Mount Kynoch Park. It's located next to a water recycling station, which doesn't sound terribly appealing, but hear me out. There's a cute baby blue gazebo atop a grassy green hill, which faces out to the east. A beautiful spot to take in the beautiful landscape, lush trees, mountains and the afternoon sky creating a warm haze on the horizon. About 50 meters (approx, maybe, not sure, but not far) from there, back towards the entry, there is some prime standing room to watch the sun set over the grassy fields. We stumbled across this randomly in the hunt for the perfecto sunset spectating spot, and here we are!


Mount Kynoch Park

After this we made our way back to Brissy at dusk, which made the drive extra pretty. The beautiful cool hues in the east and the warm lingering tones from the west, the light dancing across empty fields. Pure perfection! Confession: I may or may not have played 'The Horses' by Darryl Braithwaite, which seemed perfectly fitting. 

I know this post is already loaded with some sweet visuals, but I've still got more to share. If you wanna peep some more snaps, follow me here. 

I will certainly be heading back to Toowoomba soon, there is still so much to see and do both in the city and the local areas. The Carnival of Flowers is coming up in September, from the 15th until the 24th. If there was ever a perfect time to visit.. 

Have you ventured to beautiful Toowoomba recently? I would love to hear from you and any tips or recommendations you have! If you're planning a trip soon and you check out one of these spots, hit a sista up, I would love to hear your thoughts and experience!

Take the time out of the hustle, forget the mundane to-do list - the cleaning CAN wait - and get the hell out there! Live a little more and travel a little more, you certainly don't have to venture far to feel like you're in a completely different place, which induces a wave of refresh and enlightenment. 

Adventure, explore and enjoy yo'self!