Celebration | Love | Ecstatic Joy | Elation | Emotive

For the beautiful nights, the magical days, the party goers, the wild dance floor, the candid emotion.

Allow yourself to immerse yourself in your event, the space to be fully present as you experience the all of the joy of your celebration, to be wild and in the moment, connecting with those you love. I’ll be bottling up the magic of your event in photographic keepsakes, with a big hug, a whole lotta support, and perhaps even a boogie on the dancefloor.
Afterwards, you will be buzzing on the highest of highs - which will continue for long after your event as you view your collection and reminisce on the memories the photos represent.

- Packages starting from $550 -

I happily tailor experiences and packages to suit your unique desires.
I would love to connect with you and guide you in creating a meaningful photographic journey.

You can drop me a note here!