Your free gloriously colourful wallpapers

Ready for you to save and set as your wallpaper on your phone. Created with the intention to inspire, empower and remind YOU of your magic.

I would be honoured to see you using them and loving them, feel free to tag me if you share them in your online world (@thesoulecho),
so I can show you some loveee!

To download the images, press and hold the image(s) you’d like to save, then hit ‘save image’.
Alternatively, you can hit the link below the image which will open the image on a seperate page, where you can press and hold to save image.

Scroll down to discover how you can play with these…

How can I use these artworks?

The main intention behind creating these was to add a pop of colour, along with affirming words to your phone - a device that we spend a lot of time on. And although the background and wallpaper might fade into the background when we’re using our phones, I believe having uplifting words visible creates a powerful vortex of energy, even if it’s subconsciously reading the words…

  • Set it as your home or lock screen wallpaper

  • Send a bestie, family member or lover one of the affirmations you feel they did to see/feel

  • Pick a random one each day or each week, depending on what you feel you need

  • Edit the DIY affirmation in your favourite photo editing app and set it as a wallpaper

  • Share and/or edit the DIY affirmation on your IG stories and spread the lurve with your community

  • Pick an affirmation for the day, and repeat it three times to yourself while looking in the mirror

  • Allow the words to be powerful reminders/nudges/prompts throughout your day “am I treating myself like the worthy goddess I am?”, “am I claiming my magic?”

  • Spend 3 minutes journalling on one of the affirmation wallpapers and what it prompts or stirs within you

Ultimately, ENJOY them, however they can serve you at your highest.