Candid + Emotive + Documentary + Creative…

These are just a few words I would use to describe my work.

If you’re here, you might be contemplating inviting me into a moment of your life, which is a big freakin’ deal to me.

So, a little more about my style…


I’m all ‘bout energy - whether you refer to it as the universe, cosmic, spiritual, good vibes… I’m into it all! Energy is huge, especially when it comes to photographs. I wholeheartedly believe that you can feel energy through images - which is one of the reasons I love photographs/photographing. And I believe that as a photographer, I have the unique opportunity to capture your soul [the echo of your soul, if you will]. So when it comes to my shoots, I charge myself with all the good vibes (kinda like putting your crystals out under the full moon), so I can be present with the most magical energy. Photographers set the scene for their clients, for moments to unfold - and in most cases, our energy will subconsciously dictate your energy as our subject. So you betcha you’re gonna be feelin’ all the good feels, because that’s where the magic happens!
Depending on the session and you, the client, I can incorporate crystals, card readings, affirmation cards and essential oils into our sessions - which also creates space for us to connect - win!


I’m a big believer in getting to know my ‘clients’ (aka new friends).
Whether it’s for a wedding, portrait session, family photo, corporate event or any other fun creative project - where we can, I love to create space to CONNECT. This might look like a coffee (or vino, I’m easy), meeting at the location, a video call or phone call.
It gives us a chance to get to know each other, perhaps talk about your brief and vision, or details of your day/event.
I love getting to know people - what makes you unique, your stories, your loves… All of it!


No, not the crazy cardio kind - unless that’s what you’d like me to photograph you doing (note: I’ll be sitting that out and snapping from the sidelines).
In all seriousness, movement makes the photos! If you’ve ever posed for a photo, you can probably relate to feeling stiff, stagnant, forced, awkward or unnatural. Well, not with me sister (or brother). I LOVE getting my clients to MOVE, even if we’re aiming for more of a posed look. Whether you’re doing some solo camera work for your business branding, a sweet shoot with your lover or bringing the family together for the annual family portraits - movement will help you to feel relaxed, more natural, and at times even forgetting you’re having your photo taken. This might look like walking with your lover talking, laughing at the kids as they refuse to sit still and smile (hey, candid goodness), giving the camera a boogie or strutting your stuff as we nail your branding shots. Not only does this create genuine photographic goodness where you’re lookin’ and feelin’ yo’self, it’s also a celebration of our bodies!


Ohh, sounds she says… Now, for the most part I mean music, but that’s not all. For every shoot (where suitable) I will bring along my portable speaker to blast out some tunes. I invite my clients to create a playlist that we can crank up the volume to. Alternatively, I’ll ask you your favourite genre/artist/Spotify playlist and I’ll revel in my late teenager dream of being a DJ - momentarily. Now, we know the saying that ‘laughter is contagious’, well, it really is - and trust me, I’m known for having a pretty loud laugh and for often getting uncontrollable giggles. Laughing photos are my absolute favourite, and I think most galleries should include at least ONE giggle snap. So yes, I might ask you to give me your best fake laugh (while I loudly fake laugh), which is the prime catalyst for sinking into real n’ deep belly laughs. Sometimes our chats, or your chats with your lover/friend/family is already hilarious enough to induce funny cackles. Either way, there will be laughs!