Online booking!

let’s create a delicious space to connect and create together!

I’m so excited to now offer online booking because I’m all ‘bout that easy life of matching my schedule without the back and forth! Woohoo!

There are two ways we can use this wonderful tool:
1. We have already connected and discussed your ideas and how we will work together, and now it’s simply to pick a day and time that suits you!
2. You’ve explored the website, and you’re feeling the call to JUMP IN (yasss), but we haven’t connected (yet). Feel free to pick a date, and I will be in contact to chat with you further…

A couple of important notes:
For Wedding and Event appointments, these are place holder appointments and potentially reflect the uniqueness and accuracy of your event specifics. We will have or we will asap confirm the details and update accordingly.
- You will receive an email from the booking system, however, our session date is not confirmed until a 50% booking deposit is received. Depending where we are in our journey; we might have this covered already but if we haven’t, I’ll be in contact soon to arrange this.
- As life will naturally unfold in it’s beautiful ways, there may be the possibility that we need to reschedule our session or move it by a couple of hours. I will do my absolute best in communicating this and making it as smooth as possible.
- This is a brand spankin’ new system - which I’ve been testing, but there could be a few kinks - so I thank you for your patience!