Storytelling and speaking
with heart, Soul & Human-ness!


If you’ve been hangin’ out in my sparkly corner of the world, you might be aware that storytelling, connection and deep conversations are a massive foundation of who I am and what I create in the land of The Soul Echo!

And you may have already peeped my (new) Podcast!

With that, I am wildly excited by opportunities to connect with the community through the expansive power of storytelling, speaking with love and light, to empower and enlighten the humans I connect with.

I’ve been blessed to speak at two events in 2018, which have been huge catalysts in my passion to pursue this further. I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on self love at the Love What You Do Collective event in August, along with Boss Up Society’s event in October talking about self love, healing, mental health awareness and my journey through losing my Mum and how I’ve been able to turn my pain into magic through my art.

So, beautiful soul reading this, if you have an event coming up and you’re looking for a guest speaker to share some serious soul, with pops of humour, keeping it real and authentic AF - then I would LOVE to connect with you!

I passionately speak on topics surrounding:
- Self-love and empowerment
- Mental health advocacy through my experience of losing my Mum
- Grief and healing
- Creativity
- My small biz journey and all that I’ve learnt so far
- The empowering journey of my photography
- Following dreams/soul nudges to create a life of passion
- Spirituality
- Personal development
- Life in general, navigating the gorgeous contrast of our journey…
I’m basically an open book, who loves to dive into deep and delicious conversations that spark curiosity, joy and growth.

You can get in touch with me via email: or via the Contact form on my website.

I look forward to sharing magic and thought provoking conversations together.