Illustrate Yo'self

Illustrate Yo'self

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Custom drawn and beautifully embellished illustrations; featuring affirmations, cute drawings and YOU. Echoing your colourful soul and your unique magic!

I currently offer 1, 2, 3 person/people illustrations (see images). Perfect as a gift to yourself, for your brand or as a loving and playful gift for someone special.

How it works:
1. You can purchase a package that tickles yo’ fancy via the options below.
2. All orders automatically come with a digital (JPEG) file on completion, but you can upgrade with the printing options too (if you’d like another size printed then we can work that out too)
3. After you’ve purchased your package, you can send me an email ( with your smart phone/digital camera image of choice, any specific colours you’d like featured (or avoided), and any words/drawings you’d like included.
4. You will have the chance to see the finished product, with the option for 1 revision round if you’d like something altered.
5. I will then send you the finished JPEG file via email, and if you’ve ordered prints I’ll arrange that and have them sent to your address. (printing takes 1-2 days, postage via Aus Post domestic/standard is 3-7 business days).

- photos must be taken by yourself (or loved one) on a smart phone, digital camera or DSLR camera.
- I cannot recreate images of celebrities, or images taken by other artists/photographers due to copyright infringement.

Number of people in illustration:
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