Signature Soulful Portraits: Personal Branding Photography

For the creatives, the conscious leaders, the entrepreneurs, the visionaries, the business queens and kings — who have powerful missions on their heart to leave the world a brighter place.
One on one immersive + soulful portrait sessions, combining creativity and energy to take you on a magical experience.
In our time together we will co-create imagery that speaks to what you do (biz branding stuff) but most importantly, these gorgeous images will speak to WHO YOU ARE — as a soul, in a human body.
I’m a conduit of energy, holding a container that allows your fullest expression, space for storytelling and sharing, and time to journey through human emotions — celebrating courage and vulnerability, strength and softness, dark and light. I also intuitively use other energetic and healing modalities to support you during our session.
These sessions have the potency to be a healing, nurturing and enlightening — where you feel and own the fullness of your unique power.
And after all of that, you’ll receive images that will not only freshen up your online presence but they will also speak deep into the hearts and souls of your community.

Both ‘The Spark’ and ‘The Soul’ branding experiences include:
~ A 30 minute video call where we will begin our co-creation,
chatting all things brand, biz, mission, vision, ideas and anything else that’s on our hearts!
~ Free coloured smoke if desired
~ Free access to my wardrobe of props and clothes (I have a collection of statement jackets, featuring an @imakestagram tinsel jacket)
~ Mood board and visioning support (via our video call and unlimited online support - emails, messages, voice notes)
~ An optional15 minute follow up call to support you after our experience together

The Spark Experience: $999
~ 1.5 hour experience
~ 1-2 locations
~ 2-3 outfits
~ 50 lovingly edited, professional quality images delivered via a private online gallery in high and low res formats

The Soul Experience: $1111
~ 4 hour immersive experience
~ Including sharing a drink or a delish meal together before or after our shoot
~ 2-4 locations
~ Unlimited outfits/looks
~ 90+ lovingly edited, professional quality images delivered via a private online gallery in high and low res formats

A little insight…
I often hear “that’s a lot of photos” or “I don’t need that many photos”.
The reason why I offer these amounts of photos is based on how I work, which involves movement and various artistic framing of moments. Each session there are so many wonderful photos that we co-create and capture, and I want you to see and experience as many as possible! And each photo I deliver makes me FEEL something.
Plus, it means you’ll have a deliciously varied gallery of images to share with the world!

For those wanting a taste test or a freshen up of content:

The Mini Experience: $666
~ 30 minute experience
~ 1 location
~ 1-2 outfits
~ 15 lovingly edited, professional quality images delivered via a private online gallery in high and low res formats
~ online support via emails, messages and voice notes

Some of my go-to tips for a rocking and soulful portrait session:

~ Bring along a bottle of water and some snacks, particularly for the longer sessions. I pace our time together so there’s no rush, and there’s always time to refuel!

~ Bring outfit options! I find it hard myself to plan my outfits (a nightmare when going away), I’m very much a mood dresser. So having a few extra options with you can come in handy on the day.

~ Spend sometime with yourself in the mirror. Mirror work for me has been powerful — repeating loving affirmations about myself, and loving on the parts of me that I’ve struggled to. I’ve found it helpful with posing too — getting comfy with moving my body in different positions, and noticing what I like and what feels good.
I am beautiful, I am strong, I am gorgeous, I am a badass babe, I love my arms because they allow me to hug and express, I love my face for the emotions she expresses…

~ Have a think about what photos you’d like to capture — are there any particular layouts you’d like to create (IE a photo with you left justified/negative space for your website banner, or a photo of you from a distance to add text to). Pinterest and checking out similar IG accounts can provide some fab inspiration! I always endeavour to give you a diversity of images that will allow for multiple uses!

~ Bring along props! A hat, sunnies, book(s), magazine(s), laptop, bunch of flowers, crystals, sage, oracle/tarot cards… Anything you desire! We might not always use them, but they can also come in handy and make for some fun shots!