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portfolio of works

A working portfolio of the wonderful peeps I'm lucky to work with to create some photographic magic. Below you can peep the background, brief and photographs. Enjoy!





Creative Collab

THE BACKGROUND: I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph and epic collab with the awesome humans pictured, along with a tribe of us rockin' it in the background to bring the vision to life. You can read all 'bout the day in my recent blog post here. 
THE BRIEF: Goin' for a 90's R'n'B + Bruno Mars + Colour Pop Funk vibe. And yep, that's a real thang! Stoked with the finished imagery. Yasss! 


Deanna + Aleks - Engaged!

THE STORY: Deanna reached out via IG, to ask if I would like to photograph her and Aleks' engagement party... And it was a screaming yes! Perhaps I knew deep down that this would be an epic night that I couldn't miss, because it was just that - epic - in every damn way. The venue was brimming with love, laughter, champagne and just pure presence of those they love dearest. There were sassy speeches, crazy dance floor boogies and bloody beautiful moments, that I'm so grateful I could capture, savouring them forever. 


Gianni and Louie

THE BACKGROUND: I met this gorgeous woman when I first launched in 2017 and photographed her good friends biz, Gluco Consultants (way down the bottom). Gianni was a model on the day, to help create some "stock images" for their website. She played pretend wife very well, including holding an empty coffee cup like it was actually full! We connected after this fun shoot and stayed in touch ever since. THIS is why I love my job, the rockin' humans you meet along the way!
THE BRIEF: Gianni was after some photos of her and her sweet pupper Louie (yep, I'm melting). We also grabbed a couple of snaps for her LinkedIn, but otherwise, we spent an afternoon wandering Southbank playfully creating these images - a balance of moody, fun and emotive. Absolutely soul warming stuff!


Ola - My babe town bestie

THE BACKGROUND: Well, our story goes way back, about 10+ years ago when we fatefully met in high school. Annnnd the rest is history! We instantly clicked and have ever since been each others hype gal (legit). This beautiful gal is a special soul, not only is she an extraordinary human and best m8, she so kindly gifted her time for us to shoot up a storm on two occasions. 
THE BRIEF: The purpose of this shoot was to literally go creatively wild! These images were captured and created for my exhibit with RAW Brisbane in November. So naturally with the creative freedom, I went WILD! 


Mary - Smile Darling Photos

THE BACKGROUND: So, if you've had a peek in the gallery already, you'll totes recognise this smiley face! The beautiful Mary, is not only a super woman but an extremely talented photographer too! This is now our third time shooting together and it was more outrageous fun together!
THE BRIEF: Mary is in the process of creating a website for her biz and needed some photos of her to put her beautiful face to the name! I will keep you updated with her website, however, in the meantime you can check out her photography IG! 
AND YES, I will always and forever support fellow artists, especially photographers. Even though there are so many talented humans with cameras, we're all unique in our own individual way. 


Kirsten Morrison

THE BACKGROUND: Well, this lovely lady and I go way back... To earlier last year when we first connected. This is now our second shoot together, and damn it was so much fun, along with being a dreamy collection of images. Absolutely honoured to have photographed Kirsten for the second time!
THE BRIEF: This beauty is a wellness + empowerment coach, a thought provoker and break through junkie, she is in the midst of putting the finish pieces on her website and some epic programs she is launching! So, we got busy and got creating some imagery to match her epic content! 


Christine - Periscope Coaching

THE BACKGROUND: The vivacious Christine was referred to me by a previous client (which legit makes my heart sing). We connected and chatted via trusty IG, before creating some plans to meet for an afternoon of photos. 
THE BRIEF: This powerhouse of a woman is a successful business and empowerment coach, changing the lives of those she works with. Christine was after some photos to revamp her website, after achieving a weight loss goal (get it gurl!). We were after fun, vibrant and inspired and I think we achieved just that!
You can connect with her via her IG where she shares daily doses of empowering goodness, or find out more via her website HERE. 


Yoke Designs - PT 2

THE BACKGROUND: I know I probably don't even need to go there because you recognise this epic work by the talented Brisbane babes, Yoke Designs. We have teamed up again to create some delicious, eye catching content for their 'gram/site. If you haven't already, you NEED (yes need) to treat yo'self to a pair of these ear bangers!
THE BRIEF: Dreamy, colourful goodness!


Mary, Tom and Sarah

THE BACKGROUND: You may know beautiful Mary's face from my shoot with her and bubba Sarah earlier in 2017. Well these legends asked me to photograph them on a family date to Eat Street, and holy my heart is so full! I mean, look at them! So much fun and so much love!
THE BRIEF: A relaxing Friday afternoon spend wandering, exploring and eating our way around eat street. Oh, and taking some photos! 



THE BACKGROUND: Firstly, these two legends happen to be a couple of my best mates. They're a fierce yet down to earth power couple, who are incredibly genuine and loyal - you know, the mates that always have your back. They're also taking the dog treat + accessory industry by storm, with TWO incredible brands aimed to spoil your sweet pooch - how cool right?! You can follow along their pet-biz journey HERE, and find some stylish accessories for your four legged friend here: LapDog Nation. 
THE BRIEF: Matt and Gabz recently took over LapDog Nation as their second dog centric business. With the newness, comes the revamp of the website including the 'about us' section. They were after some golden hour + glowly sunset snaps of them with their beloved pooch. I also happened to wordsmith their about us section, which you can peep HERE. 


Yoke Designs

THE BACKGROUND: One late spent scrollin' da gram, I stumbled by the amazing works of two talented Brissy babes, by the name of Yoke Designs. I was instantly captivated by their beautiful and uber cute jewellery. I reached out and left a sweet comment, they replied, I replied... Next thing we instantly clicked and formed our own mini #instagalgang. You can check out their aesthetically fleeky insta here and shop their gorgeous creations here: Yoke Designs. 
THE BRIEF: Through our mutual love, admiration and support we have decided to combine forces and collaborate together. I'm working closely with them as they release new pieces, to snap a storm of their uber stylish and beautiful works, in a way that compliments and reflects their playful vibe. 


Kirsten Morrison

THE BACKGROUND: Ah, where do I even start? Many moons ago, I stumbled across Kirsten's instagram, her words and her posts deeply resonated with me. Over some time we connected, chatted and ended up meeting for a coffee. At which point, I realised that this gal is uber special. Not only did it feel like I found a long lost soul sister, she oozes such beauty and vibrancy. She's currently in the process of creating some magic, which you'll be able to find here: Kirsten Morrison. In the meantime, get an injection of good vibes into your Insta feed by following her HERE. 
THE BRIEF: Well, I mentioned she's currently in the process of creating some magic, these photos will be used throughout her website, along with content for her Instagram. We rendezvoused on a sweet Sunday afternoon to capture some golden goodness. 


Emma: Leeli Music

THE BACKGROUND: I met the vivacious and energetic Emma through my best friend, at her birthday bash earlier this year. In an instant we just connected, talking all things creativity, spirituality and life, over a couple of champas. We also happened to share a very poignant moment, of which I believe was a (very) direct "hello" from my Mumma. Check out her soul soothing sounds here: Leeli Music You can also follow this beauty HERE. 
THE BRIEF: This talented goddess was after some snaps for a potential album cover, and some content to use for socials and event posters. We shared a sunshiny and v. windy afternoon, laughing and snapping a storm. 


Mary & Sarah

THE BACKGROUND: The lovely Mary and I connected on Instagram a couple of months ago. Not too long after, Mary reached out to tee up a photoshoot of her and her adorable bub, Miss Sarah. 
THE BREIF: Mary was on a secret mission, so I won't divulge the surprise. Regardless, we met on a beautifully golden Sunday afternoon at the Red Hill Skate Arena, where we captured some fun and the beautiful adoration a Mother has for her cub. 


A cup from above

THE BACKGROUND: Through my employer, I was lucky enough to connect with Adam and his team from A Cup From Above. I got to utilise a volunteer day supported by work, to hang with these cool cats and snap up a storm! If you've not heard about these legends... They're a local social enterprise, A Cup From Above is a charity and community cafe, with the proceeds going towards empowering the disadvantaged, and those who need it most. Their mission is to love and connect the community. How freaking cool! 
Head to their website to find out more here: A Cup From Above. You can keep up to date with their latest on Insta: HERE
And, if you're after a bloody delicious coffee - which I'd say is some of the best (trust me, I drink long blacks), you can visit and support in person, located at 740 Ann St, Fortitude Valley. 
THE BRIEF: They were after content for their social media accounts, so I spent the day with them creating some magic to use on the wide world of IG. 


Genivieve & Luke: Gluco Consultants

THE BACKGROUND: A kickass local Brissy couple, they are engineers with a passion for project management and grand ideas, with a particular focus on renovating properties. They've dived in and launched their business and website, which you can peep here: Gluco Consultants 
You can also keep up to date with their latest on Insta: HERE. 
THE BRIEF: They were after some photos of their lovely selves, along with some photos of them with their 'clients'... I can't reveal all trade secrets, but let's just say we had a rockin' time, with plenty of laughs!