...Creating a heartfelt community of badass humans who EMPOWER & cheer each other on...

I have had this feeling for a while now... 
A calling within my heart... 
A deep desire within my soul... 

Throughout my journey of launching, growing and transforming my baby - The Soul Echo - I have had the absolute honour and privilege to connect and meet with many wonderful humans, both in person and online. 

In talking with these inspirational beings about their passion and their journey, as they kick goals in their biz, career, creative ambitions or life in general, there has been a consistent theme in our conversations. And no, sadly it's not just their eyes lighting up with excitement as they talk about what drives them. It has been about SUPPORT, or a lack thereof.

I have been so moved, shaken, emotional, frustrated, angry and saddened to hear that so many epic peeps, who are hungrily chasing their dreams, are being met with lacklustre encouragement, or at times, none at all. 

Every conversation has left me feeling humbled and grateful AF for the support I have received.
Every conversation has been a reminder to me of my why, and that my passion that extends past creativity and into the realm of helping others. 
And every conversation has been the driving force behind this feeling, this calling, this desire; to create a space both physically and virtually to empower, help and support others. 

So here I introduce you and invite you to...

The Soul Echo Social 

An opportunity to meet and connect with local souls.
A chance to collaboratively share stories and parts of our journey. 
A time to celebrate our wins and to share the weight of our challenges. 
A space to support, empower and cheer each other on, LOUDLY and PROUDLY. 
A collaboration of badass humans who are radically and passionately chasing their dreams.
A fierce AF tribe whose connection extends beyond this brief time together, shining in the world of online, like a sparkly + compelling force to be reckoned with #thesoulechosocial

I believe that support is and should be universal and that everyone deserves to feel supported, encouraged, empowered and uplifted. 

This event is open to  A N Y O N E  who aligns and feels the call to connect. There are no prerequisites, all that I ask is that you show up as your unapologetic and beautiful self.