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What to expect if you hired me as your photographer?

All I've ever wanted to do in my life and this world, is help people and take a million photos.
I am wildly passionate about human connection, candid emotion and capturing the essence of beings.

If you've read my about section, you'd know that I've been crazy passionate about photos since I was a lil' gal. 

I am a self taught photographer and am constantly practicing and finessing my technique, excited to further my ability and skill set. A huge part of my learning comes from simply gettin' out there and doin' the damn thing, like anything in life hey!

I am a lover of capturing moments and documenting the essence of human beings where they are unapologetically and uniquely themselves.

From portrait sessions, structured head shots to events, social media content creation and weddings... All I want to do is capture the beautiful being YOU are, in any mood and in a multitude of moments. 

Depending on the type of work and the brief, I prefer to work amongst candid moments.
I love to have a chat and get to know you, share endless laughs and ultimately aim to get you feelin' as comfy as ever, regardless if you're camera friendly or camera shy. 
I believe the best photos are not planned or structured and are created from natural emotion and organic moments. However, sometimes the work demands additional structure, which I pride myself in creating and directing in a relaxed and non-awkies way. 

What I really vibe: Documenting the way your nose crinkles as you laugh, the tears in your eyes as you talk about someone or something you LOVE, capturing your passion and your energy, and the smile you share as if you were silently saying "hi" to a loved one across a room.
THIS is why I photograph and what makes my heart bloody burst with love!

Above everything I want you to really freaking enjoy yourself and our time as we capture a moment in time, together. 

I am often asked what I specialise in or what I love most capturing.
My honest answer is A N Y T H I N G and E V E R Y T H I NG!
If you have a wild idea brewing, hit a gurl up! I love creatively planning and bringing ideas to life. 

If you're interested and want to know more or would like to have some epic creative chats... >>>

Love + happy snaps. 

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