“ The Soul echo experience was everything I had hoped for and more…”

When I first came across The Soul Echo on Instagram, I can hand on heart say that I fell in love with her work...The colours, the light, & the feeling her photos give is something I connected with straight away. I have had 3 photoshoots with Steph, & each time they have been an absolute blast! Each time, Steph instantly made me feel comfortable, had fun with me & made me feel like we were creating magic. The Soul Echo experience was everything I had hoped for and more. Steph is not only a talented photographer, she is also an inspirational business woman and artist. Her stories, words on IG, beautiful photography and The Soul Echo social events have made me an absolute cheerleader. I will 100% book Steph for future projects!

Christie P - Brisbane
Blogging Babe - In Bursts of Colour


I pride myself on creating a safe space for you to celebrate yourself;
your body, your soul and your power.

I am energetically primed to support you as you revel in joy;
from one on one portrait sessions - sharing healing and uplifting conversations,
to the abundant joy and celebratory buzz of weddings.

I see you for the radiant and magical soul that you are;
in the moments you’re laughing uncontrollably,
the sparkle in your eyes when you talk passionately about something you love,
the emotion you feel as you experience some of life’s most precious moments,
and the love that you share for those that you treasure.

Through my heart, and my lens.


“ I was able to let my true self shine…”

I had photos with gorgeous Steph in June ‘18,
the whole process from reaching out to
receiving the images was a dream & I could not
ask for anything more. I had never had a solo
photo shoot before & was a little nervous but
Steph made me feel so at ease and beautiful
in front of the camera. She understood my
brief & so her direction was effortless. We chatted before to get us both in the groove & vibing off each other’s energy. The shoot is a day I look back on with fond memories, it was a laid-back & enjoyable afternoon, where I was able to let my true self shine through, with gentle instructions & some Fleetwood Mac tunes. Steph has such a warm energy & it’s clear she knows the best ways to set up the shots - it’s a wonderful experience. The final results are beyond anything I could have anticipated & I already can’t wait to book in my next shoot.

Holly W - Brisbane
The Cosmic Pink Witch - Holwa