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my photographic style is… bold

To be invited into intimate moments of your life is such an honour…
And one that I hold so much love and gratitude for.

Here is the behind the scenes magic of how i do what i do.

Unconditional + Empowering Support
Guiding you on a journey of healing and reconnection to yourself

Numero uno on the list because it is the absolute foundation of my work, and where my passion lies.
If you’ve spent some time exploring, you might already know that I believe wholeheartedly that it is not just photos.
I take you on a journey in tapping into and feeling joy, love and all the magic that is ever present within you.

Where my genius really shines in this arena is guiding women through a journey in a one on one portrait session.
The purpose for the photos may be for biz or just ‘cos, or any other fabulous reason. Regardless of how these images will support you, I believe in creating a powerful, magic, safe, expansive and delicious process of reconnecting with your heart, celebrating your soul and revelling in the magic that is YOU, as you are right now, in this moment.
This is intertwined into all of my sessions but is particularly powerful in harnessing the radiant energy when we’re shooting 1:1.

I’ve been referred to The Soul Echoist, and that’s a pretty damn cool title that I’ll accept.
What does that mean for you?
It means that I am present for you through out our journey together, from a call/meeting pre-shoot to work with your energy, talk candidly about your vision, open a safe space to share feelings on body confidence and your self love and appreciation - and how we can really spark that unconditional and dreamy love for your beautiful self in this process. And then we reconnect post shoot, in a way that feels good for you, to lean into how the images make you feel and how I can offer my unconditional support and guidance to celebrate your courage in showing UP!


I’m all ‘bout them good vibes, baby!
Photography + energy go hand in hand, and I believe photos are a window to our soul.
Have you ever looked at a photo and felt a stir of emotion? That’s the energy of the person, people of moment.
I spent an hour pre-shoot to prepare myself energetically through whatever modality I’m feeling will help me to serve you at my highest.
Mediating, breath work, stretching, essential oils, dancing, visualising, intention setting, angel cards…

I often incorporate a visualisation, intention setting, mediating, moments of gratitude with our eyes closed, essential oils or affirmation cards (or a combination) into our session, depending on what I feel we need.


I am a very intuitive human, to my heart, soul and CORE. Which is a skill I now loving acknowledge as a gift.
I absolutely believe in creating a plan to enable us ultimate bangin’ photos and a fab time, along with musing ideas together.
However, I do not plan alllll of the shots we will take. I will always have a couple of ideas prepped, but I’m very open to what I feel in the moment and the energy and environment around us. And sometimes those best-laid plans don’t go to plan…
I’ve been owning my intuitive-ness in every photoshoot since I began, and it has always shown up so gloriously…


I totally empathise with the nerves that can ensue a photoshoot. I often hear clients ask for reassurance that I’ll direct them.
And I absolutely do…
However, I’m not big on over posed/staged photos because it freezes the energy flow, which then creates a ‘clunkiness’ of sorts.
They totally have a place, and are imperative to some shoots,
but for the majority of my work is centred around candidness and humanness.
I create a space where you can relax into the session (through these key fundamentals), I offer you gentle guidance but I also empower you to claim space and express yourself in a way that FEELS good for you.
I’ll take the worry out of how you think you look, and help you to channel your energy into how you feel.
And I pinky proms, if you’re feeling good, you’ll be lookin’ good too!
I got chu.


My biggest tip for photos that light you up: is to choose a photographer you feel connected to.
Throughout the process from your first enquiry email, through to post shoot, I will create space for us to connect.
This can look like a coffee before we shoot, or a video/phone call to discuss ideas, vision and game plans.
Anything that feels right for us, I’m down for!

This allows us the chance to get to know each other, so when we meet IRL (in real life) it’ll just be like catching up with an old friend! This will also help to relax any nervous energy, answer questions and get you (and I) really freaking PUMPED.


Another member of the relaxing nerves team: m-m-movement!
If you’ve ever posed for a photo, you may relate to feeling awkward, stiff, forced, unnatural or the dreaded “WAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS?!”
This is where movement comes to save the day.
Walking, running, swaying, dancing, jumping, spinning, piggybacking, skipping…
or any other movement will help shake up your energy, calm any residual nerves AND no doubt get us laughing!
Second to relaxing you, and allowing your soul to beam through your body, I think it’s a beautiful way to celebrate our amazing bodies!


Music is an emotive art form, and has the power to inspire us humans both emotionally - through memory triggers, and physically through the release of dopamine.
You probably have a list of songs that induce happiness, joy and celebration - just like me. For every session (where possible) I will have my bluetooth speaker cranking some jams - a playlist of your own (which I totes encourage), or one of my boogie-inspiring compilations (be warned, there’s some eclectic mixes, and a lotta 90’s RNB, but also adapt to the mood of our time together).
I guarantee that it’s impossible not to bust one dance move (at least).
Laughter is also music to my ears, and eyes! I think some of the greatest photos I’ve taken are mid giggle.
I assure you, there will be laughter in your session - fake laughs, funny sounding laughs, kids being cheeky laughs, lovers laughs, excited laughs…