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Our photographic style is… bold

you might be contemplating inviting the soul echo to share in moments of your life,
Which is such an honour.

Here is the behind the scenes magic of how we do what we do.


Good vibes, they’re totes a thing.
We’re serious!
Photography and energy go hand in hand, we believe that photos are a window to the soul - frames of feeling. Have you ever looked at a photo and felt a stir of emotion? That’s the energy, of the person, people or moment.
We spend an hour pre-shoot to prepare ourselves energetically - meditating, breath work, stretching, essential oils, dancing… Think of it like charging your crystals under a full moon. This means you will instantly feel the high energy, presence and magical vibes as soon as we see each other, which I can guarantee will help soothe any nerves…
From time to time, we incorporate a visualisation, crystals, essential oils, affirmation cards (even tarot/angel card readings) too to some extra support.


The best photos are created when you feel connected to the photographer.
We will create space to connect throughout the process, which may look like a coffee just before we start shooting or prior our shoot day, or a video or phone call.
This allows us the chance to get to know each other, discuss your vision and fuel the inspiration. For weddings and events, this will mean we can talk all things details/timing aka our game plan. Connecting both in the lead up and just prior will also help to relax any nervous energy…


Another member of the relaxing nerves team: m-m-movement!
If you’ve ever posed for a photo, you may relate to feeling awkward, stiff, forced, unnatural or the dreaded “WHERE DO I PUT MY HANDS?!”
This is where movement comes to save the day. Walking, running, swaying, dancing, jumping, spinning, piggybacking, skipping… or any other movement will help shake up your energy, calm any residual nerves AND no doubt get us laughing (Boom, the money shots).
Second to relaxing you, and allowing your soul to beam through your body, we think it’s a beautiful way to celebrate our amazing bodies!


Music is an emotive art form, and has the power to inspire us humans both emotionally - through memory triggers, and physically through the release of dopamine.
You probably have a list of songs that induce happiness, joy and celebration - just like us. For every session (where possible) we will have our bluetooth speaker cranking some jams - a playlist of your own, or one of our boogie-inspiring compilations. We guarantee that it’s impossible not to bust one dance move (at least).
Laughter is also music to our ears, and eyes! We think some of our greatest photos are taken mid giggle.
We assure you, there will be laughter in your session - fake laughs, funny sounding laughs, kids being cheeky laughs, lovers laughs, excited laughs…