TSES: Ep 3: Celebrating Our Womanhood

In this short n' sweet episode I share some poetic words that came to me in a morning meditation on IWD 2019.

I also share:
Sharing a poem that came to me from a meditation (at the end)
Speaking about my Mum and her love of photography and the written word, which feels like it has flowed onto me
Leaning into the practice of poetry, the vulnerability in sharing poetry
Moments of humour and realness (as usual)
Hallmark days as potent reminders, which we can use to spark year round joy and let that beautiful journey unfold
The reverence and honour to be a woman
Connecting to my cycle (surprise: TMI) on this day feels potent
Honouring all of the women around me, Nana, Aunties, late Mum, friends whom are family, friends in biz, ex colleagues, acquaintances, friends online…
Feeling deeply proud and empowered to shape our future
The quietest of whispers make a loud roar
Showing up for ourselves and our future generations
Declaring and owning that we want and deserve BETTER
Speaking up for ourselves and our sisters who might not have a voice
The potent energy of women.. You know the nightclub scene - energising and uplifting alchemy
A constant celebration
Seeking the equal rights of all genders - because we bring different and exquisite things to the world

Music: Deep Breath by Paradise Islands

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