TSES: Ep 8: Claim YOUR Power

Ohhh, this episode is a fiery one. There is power, there is truth and there is a bit of swearing in the heat of the moment. The purpose of this episode, spoken with love and passion, is to inspire you (and I) to fully, wholeheartedly and unapologetically claim our POWER.

I talk about:

  • This episode being inspired by my mentor and courageous leader Tara Bliss

  • Judgement and the age old “what will people think of me”

  • Our sisters who aren’t as privileged as you and I

  • The reality of how blessed we are - even through our own trauma

  • And how through our ownership of our power (and pain) we can live in their honour

  • Bringing awareness to those moments when we’re worried, tired or ‘can’t be bothered’ and showing ourselves compassion, but taking action to go beyond ourselves

  • A reflection for me, as much as I’m sharing it with you (particularly poignant this week as I release this episode… @ me…)

  • Acknowledge the pain and suffering that is present in the world, which can be extremely challenging but at the same time, we can use the collective pain to empower ourselves and lives around us

  • Finding a balance of disconnection from heavy negative media but also not prancing into the abyss of ignorance

  • The collective, intergenerational healing that IS happening #togetherwerise

  • We HAVE opportunities, even if it feels like we don’t - WE DO

  • Impact doesn’t have to be grandiose

  • Some probing questions like - how are you hiding yourself and your magic? (@ me again)

  • There are always more than 2 options

  • It’s our time as humans to do this for OURSELVES and in reverence for those who cannot

  • And lotssss more!

Music: Deep Breath by Paradise Islands

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