TSES: Ep 4: Fear and Courage

In this episode, I share with you a very real and authentic conversation on:

My own experience and reflection on my journey in life with fear vs courage
My recent experience in feeling a shift in myself as a person and how I show up in the world
My experience over the last 10 years, and how my life is so much lighter than what it used to be (clue: leaning into the fear has lead me here)
Connecting and acknowledging our fear (and that it’s OKAY!)
Showing our fear love
Tim Ferris’ work and knowledge on the topic of fear
I share with you his methodology in overcoming fear (noted below for the visual peeps out there)
Fear setting vs goal setting (reference to Tim Ferris), I share some dodgy examples on the fly
Acknowledging that fear is an evolution, and continual journey
The essence of courage is the choice to fight regardless of our limitations and the consequences
Courage is fears brother (along those lines)
Asking ourselves “what is the courageous action I can take” in the face of fear
Creating self trust through routine, that has enabled me to lean into the fear
Leaning into the fear and the magic that can and will unfold
Connecting to our inner wisdom as bravery
Fears can be big and small
I talk about re-writing my own fear around phone calls
My love of voice notes (and how that used to spook me)
Boundaries, routine and practice in inspiring our courage
When we act with courage, we give others a permission slip to do the same - and how this is a beautiful cycle of energy
A decent dose of love and encouragement for you…

In Tim’s TED video, he talks about defining his fears instead of his goals. The activity that he shares (and that I do my best to share verbally) is as follows:

Fear setting activity:

1st page: “What if I … [insert goal/dream]”
Then list out in 3 columns:

  • DEFINE the worst things that could happen

  • PREVENT - what can you do to prevent them from happening

  • REPAIR - recover from damage IF the worst thing happens

2nd page: List out the benefits of attempting (emotionally, physically, financially, mentally etc)

3rd page: List out the costs of inaction, the opportunity costs in not pursuing past the fear (emotionally, physically, financially, mentally etc)

Music: Deep Breath by Paradise Islands

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