TSES: Ep 2: Life and Leadership

In this episode, I talk about my journey through life at the end of 2018, which challenged me to my core. It also sparked conversations on the topic of leadership and how each of us are leaders in our own unique way.

I discuss:
My experience at the end of 2018
Personal development
Evolution of growth
Leading by example
Processing and healing
Leadership doesn’t always have to look like masculine energy (aka go, go, go)
By showing up, we claim our leadership
Vulnerability and showing ourselves, creates space for other people to do the same
Through this comes collective healing
The power of showing up
Authentic sharing creates connection
Hiding our power is a disservice to us and the world
Slowing ourselves down to receive
Instantaneous society - causing us to soften or hide
Pushing through the belief that we’re ‘too much’

You are already a leader in this world, in your own perfect way…

Music: Deep Breath by Paradise Islands

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