TSES: Ep 11: My thoughts on Social Media

Talking all things social media, particularly with the current discussions online about algorithms and random invites to strangers business pages. 

I discuss my thoughts on Facebook, and how I’ve moved through my resistance to this resource - and how it has transformed for me over the years. 

Transforming our social feeds into streams of inspiration and empowerment, and how we have the power to curate a feed that supports and inspires us. 

Unfollowing and muting those who do not serve. 

Exploring other modes of connecting. 

The power of genuine connection between humans, and my experience in how it has helped me to build a community of legends on IG. 

What you give is what you will receive in return, always! 

Being intentional with our time when entering the land of social media. 

Taking the power back and supporting each other, how can we share support for other people/leaders/businesses/creatives. 

And so much more!


I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, as I feel that it is an ever evolving conversation, especially as technology also continues to transform. 


Music: Deep Breath by Paradise Islands

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