TSES: Ep 7: Soul to Soul: With Keezia and Nicole

Welcome, beautiful soul to Episode SEVEN!

And a very exciting one, as it is the first of (I hope) many interview sessions.

But I suppose it’s a little different to the norm, it’s not so much about the structure of questions - it’s about us going soul to soul - embracing all that comes up, and trusting that’s exactly what needs to be shared.

I am SO wildly excited to introduce you to Keezia Leigh and Nicole Gibson. A powerhouse duo, who have created a f*cking EPIC show called “PERMISSION”. A space that they’ve created for us, of safety and love, where they riff on any and every topic - the juicier and more controversial the better.

Keezia Leigh is the embodiment of JOY, and the host of her very own show The Joy Ride - where she empowers us through candid conversations on all of life’s magic. She is a coach, an empowered badass, an empowering goddess, inspiring speaker, pleasure queen, sensual babe and a true gift to us in this life. A
You can find Keezia’s magic on Facebook here
And her magic on instagram here
And her magic on the world wide webs

Nicole Gibson is the embodiment of LOVE, on a mission to light up every soul - the entire world - with love, in the biggest love based movement! She is an author, motivational speaker, facilitator, founded a not-for-profit at 18 years of age, named one of Australia’s top 100 influential women, awarded the pride of Australia medal and served our country as a commissioner for mental health. She is a powerful badass on a loved UP mission, and it is an honour to have her in this lifetime.
You can find Nicole’s magic on Facebook here
And her magic on instagram here
And her magic on the world wide webs

I really don’t feel like I need to say anymore, the potency and power of these two incredible women speaks for itself.

BUT in this episode, we dive into:

  • The power of love and creating safety in our circles and community to empower healing

  • Our experiences with deep grief and loss

  • And how it is a catalyst for creating magic in the world

  • Transcending dark into light

  • Leading with love

  • Plenty of powerful and inspiring quotes and words of affirmation

  • And so much more…

It is an hour long candid and expansive chat, one that has forever changed me as a woman.

Please excuse the background noise, our plans happened very spontaneously and we made the best with what we had!

Music: Deep Breath by Paradise Islands
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