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TSES: Ep 11: My thoughts on Social Media

Sharing my thoughts and feelings on all things social media, from my experience over the years with Facebook and how I now view this resource (and have overcome my own resistance). To how we can use social media to empower, educate and inspire. The power of authentic and genuine human connection will always out weigh following… And so much more!

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TSES: Ep 10: Closed Doors

Closed doors…

The moments when your ‘dreams’ (or what you percieve to be your dreams) slam right in your face. Ouch, right?!
I was there recently, in a moment where I thought “YES… THIS IS IT”... And it turned out to be very much a case of ‘not it’.

It hurt. I was upset, sad, frustrated, disappointed… You know how it goes.

However, what has unfolded for me since - beyond this closed door - was far greater and more magic than I ever could have imagined.

I share my story, my thoughts, my feelings and words of love as a way to remind you that firstly, you’ve got this! And as my offering of support for when you’re faced with a situation like this in the future. I share this to help encourage and empower you to face into your feelings, to be in the ‘mess’ of these moments, and to be a beacon of hope that there IS more sparkly moments waiting to unfold (better than you could ever dream).

I see you and I love you.

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