Add a little extra to our session…

I don’t like to spoil surprises, but when you book a session with me, I always throw in a couple of unexpected goodies.
Whether they’re props, cards, oils, crystals… All depending on the mood. I now offer sweet lil’ upgrades to any session…

Coloured smoke: $21 (cost of 60g smoke cake)

Coloured smoke is such a fun and colourful way to add effect and mood to images. I love the shapes it creates when moved, and the texture and vibrance it adds. The smoke cakes that I use are made by an Australian company. I generally opt for the 60g/90 second sizes, as the smoke is easily cleared by wind, this allows plenty of time for us to nail the shots!

Photoshop: From $35 (per image)

Looking to spice up some of your already gorgeous images? I offer a variety of photoshop services! Anything from creative edits with overlays of text/images, to airbrushing and stylising images. Let’s have a chat to see how we can add some extra sparkle! You can see my before and after examples below…

custom made + bespoke digital collage: From $75

Want a playful collage with photos of you and the things that you love? A collage that celebrates you, and honours the joy in your life? I would LOVE to create this unique piece of art for you!

Angel or tarot card readings: $40

I love playing with cards before a session! They can be such a powerful tool to reaffirm what we know, a way to encourage and inspire us. I am an intuitive being, with the ability to connect to universal energy, growing and learning as I utilise cards to tap into those vibrations.
If you’d like to learn more, or understand if this is for you - then please reach out.

Clothing and Accessory hire: From $5

I have a wide range of bespoke clothing and accessories available to hire for your shoot.
Anything from sequin kimonos (Gold + Pink, Pink + Silver), crystal crowns (pictured 3rd image below), colourful earrings, fun denim jackets, faux fur coats, dresses… [photos to come]. I even have glitter and makeup available for use too!
More than happy to discuss vision and ideas with you to see if I’ve got something suitable.