hot off the vlog


The Soul Echo x Vlogging. Join me as I dive into the Vlog-osphere (yep, it's a real word... now). 




Here I am, showing up unapologetically and authentically as lil' ol' me, in video form! I've had a calling to vlog for a little while, and I've finally jumped in head first. 
I freaking love creating videos, so the combination of filming (which means more playtime with the camera), editing and another mode of spreading my message excites my soul to a whole new level. All love and encouragement is welcome, as I'm still not 100% sold on me in vid mode. Endless gratitude for you. x


VLOG 04: Maleny Adventures with our mates

A playful lil' vid capturing a mini getaway we shared with two of our best mates. There's lush scenery, laughter, games footage (Alex and I are the kweens of charades), with a side of twerking! Sayyyy whaaat?!


VLOG 03: New Years Reso's - More Adventures

Here's to a new year, filled with wandering and exploring this beautiful world.  A mini snippet of our day, exploring and adventuring the Gold Coast and Mount Tamborine. Happy New Year!


Vlog 02: My week in sydney

Join me in the week that was a beautiful whirlwind - the perfect balance of work and play, and check out some of iconic Sydney town along the way. 


VLOG 01: who is the gal behind soul echo?

A little bit 'bout me, who I am and why I'm here. Enjoy! Oh, and yes - I'm a total goofball!