Weddings + Proposals

unconditional love | Wild celebration | HonourED | Sacred | Candidly emotive 

For the lovers, the romantics, the sweethearts, the sentimentalists.

An exquisite photographic expression of your love for each other, honouring all that you are individually and together.
Our time together will be filled with the ecstatic joy of your love, tear worthy laughter, free-spirited celebration of love-filled moments - all with my unconditional support, guidance, energy and presence on your journey.
Afterwards, well, there aren’t quite any words to explain the elation that will be present in your heart, mind, body and soul. You will be electrified with all of life’s beautiful emotions, and you’ll be able to re-live all of the memories again through the candid frames of your photo collection.

- Wedding Packages starting from $2,300 -

- Proposal Packages starting from $600 -

I lovingly tailor experiences and packages to suit your unique desires.
Bundle packages are available (including engagement sessions and engagement parties).
I would love to connect with you and guide you in creating a meaningful photographic journey.

You can drop me a note here!