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About: The soul echo


Some wordy tales about the gal behind The Soul Echo. 


Hello, you magical human being!

Welcome to The Soul Echo and a sweet slice of my world. 

My name is Steph and I'm a Brisbane based blogger and photographer. 

I'm constantly inspired by both the beauty and depth of the written word, the way it can ignite feelings and stir emotions.  

I'm also curiously fascinated by people, landscapes and playing with light - which is where my fierce love of photography comes in. 

And then, when the two combine in beautiful artistic synchronicity, it is pure joy + heaven. *big, big glowing smiles*

Eight years ago I experienced the deepest of soul destroying tragedy. And whilst it was and probably will be the hardest thing I've ever experienced, it has been the source of my inspiration and motivation for creating this space.

Through the darkness, shines the light and here I am, living my absolute dream. 

I remember saying to myself at the peak of my heartache..

"If I can help someone else survive extreme pain through the sharing of my own experience, I will have fulfilled my purpose in this world".

Which is now the driving force behind my raw, honest, real-lyf sharing about my grief and the rollercoaster that has been my life over the last 8 years. 

Coupled with my love of deep, soul warming sharing, is my passion for sharing everything and anything else - I really am a mixed bag! I'm spontaneous, open minded and struggle to keep my focus on one thing only. I want it all and I want to share it all, from the depths of my heart to the height of my laughter (which is also loud AF). 

When I'm not madly typing my heart out into this space, you can find me with my camera in my hand snapping up a storm.

At age 9 I was gifted my first ever camera, which was an ultra slim polaroid (90's babies do ya feel?). This was probably the best day ever. The second best day ever was on my 14th birthday I was surprised with my very own camera, my first digital camera. 

I was (who am I kidding?! I still am) known for taking a million photos. I was obsessed over my family photo albums through my childhood, flicking through them for hours on end. Which has now transitioned to me scrolling through the thousands of photos on my phone, in my downtime, just 'cause.

My love for photography and the ability to freeze a fleeting moment in time is insatiable, it's addictive and I am goddamn passionate about it.

This space is dedicated to sharing my version of both modes of art, hopefully combining them into a magic mix of moving visuals and captivating words. And whatever else my creative lil' being can conjure. 

If I'm not writing my heart out or snappin' up a storm, you can probably find a crisp glass of rosé or an espresso martini in my hand. Aside from resonating deeply with the term 'creative being', I am a lover of adventure, socialising and sharing time with those I love. 

A little more about me..

I wear a bold winged eyeliner, daily. I dig long blacks. I'm obsessed with colour, but my fave is PINK (surprise?). I also reckon my heart would be made entirely of rose gold if physically possible. 

Aligned with my creative outlet(s), I'm addicted to street art, legit *heart eyes* whenever I spot a colourful wall creation. I'm also a fan of admiring almost any other art forms, which along with their respective creators, continue fuel my creative inspiration. 

If it was nutritionally viable I would eat an endless supply of hot chips, yeah I'm a cheap date (and sound incredibly basic). 

I'm not a 'small talk' kinda gal, I thrive on deep + soul moving conversations. Who gives a f*ck about the weather anyway?!

I also (probably) swear a little too much. Soz m8. 

I'm a joker. I'm a fun seeker + lover. I dance between the lines of wild and considered. 

I love any form of party and any opportunity to boogie my booty (I ain't no dancer, but vodka helps). 

I'm passionate. I'm a damn fighter. I'm imperfectly perfect. 

I'm Steph and welcome to The Soul Echo.