The woman behind the soul echo


Hello, glorious human.

I’m Steph, and it is a pleasure to virtually meet you in my sweet slice of the internet.

I’m an accredited professional photographer, a self love + empowerment + mental wellness advocate, a public speaker, a cosmically intuitive healer, creative alchemist, a writer and blogger, an aspiring author, an event host, community leader, conscious creator…

I’m a visual storyteller, possessing the magic to capture the echo of your soul.
I’m on my own journey to unconditional self love, and I’m passionate about empowering those I connect with to honour and love themselves. Through my experience with loved ones and their mental health challenges, I am fiery with motivation to break the stigma and create safety to hold honest and liberating conversations.
I revel in the joy of sharing my message of strength, courage and unapologetic ownership of our beauty to rooms of beautiful souls.
I am deeply connected to the universal energy, using this divine superpower to bring peace and healing through my photographic work, public speaking, event hosting and candid sharing online.
I’m a lover of words, and how they can aid our expression - I spend most of my time writing heartfelt instagram captions, but sometimes dabble in blog posts. One of my big goals is to be a published author, soon!
I am building a fierce tribe of badass beings through my community events ‘The Soul Echo Social’, a divine combination of my love of storytelling and socialising.

I’m a sentimentalist and a lover.
I’m a creative badass and an artistic alchemist.
I’m a spiritual lightworker, and energetic soul on a powerful mission of transforming dark into light.

I’m honoured that you’re here.

Almost 10 years ago, I experienced the traumatic loss of my Mum to suicide, after she courageously fought for her life and through the challenges of her mental health for 37 years. I have been in the depths of despair and darkness, feeling lost, alone and afraid.
Grief is a big beast to battle with, but with time and channelling the courage to wade through the dark - I’m here, living a soul fulfilling and heart opening existence.
To say it so simply does not articulate the heartache or the challenge of this journey, but it is one that has shaped the woman I am today - the way I celebrate joy everyday, the depth of my love for those around me, the comfort I feel in expressing and processing my emotions, the courage I hold to share the very raw parts of my healing.

If I had my chance, I would choose my Mum to be here, again and again.
While I don’t have that option, and at times, it feels like a big chunk of my world is missing…
What I DO have, is the incredible opportunity to live my life long dream of being a photographer, a dream that was shared with my late Mumma.
The magic of being on this journey, and honouring the extraordinary woman that she was is such a blessing.
I have no doubt she’s by my side, gently pressing the shutter release with me.

So here to us and here’s to life. It’s not a journey of continuous roses and sunshine, but I truly believe that through our suffering and our grief, we can discover deep, soulful and liberating strength and magic, empowering and healing ourselves and the collective.

Some fun facts about me:
I’m a Leo, hear me roar!
I did Irish dancing for 10+ years as a child/teenager
I have lived in Brisbane my entire life (hence my passion for all things + businesses based in Brisbane)
I studied Paramedics for 2.5 years, that was once my dream job (when I thought photography wasn’t an option)
I love all things spiritual and energetic, from crystals, to white sage, to tarot and angel cards.
This love started when I was 14 and used to read palms at sleepovers (nothing has changed).
I own 2 x sequin kimonos, and numerous sparkly outfits. Dressing in the vortex, honey!
I’m a queen at reverse parallel parking
I love a long black to kickstart my mornings, and sometimes a rosé to finish the day
My food vice is hot chips, or potato in general. I’m an easy date!